Industrial Machinery

Depending on the work produced during the construction and repair of the vessel, the range of operating pressures in the range 500 – 2500 bar. Especially effective is the use of such facilities in the production of the following activities: washing of the body vessels and ships for repair and docking. Stripping from 'light' layers and barnacles Degreasing body before painting cleaning the body from old coatings and corrosion of fuel tanks Cleaning Cleaning of ballast tanks before applying a new coating. It should be noted that hydroprocessing of the surface is relatively easy to allow a class of surface cleanliness wa 2,5 according to the standard iso 8501-4 (similar to sa 3,0 on the iso 8501-1). What is a good ship repair indicator.

With a few more productive than blasting equipment, high pressure water machines have much to gain in weight and size characteristics, and thus have many other advantages: Repair – A significant reduction (98%) of waste production – Effective removal of salts from the surface and cracks of the hull – no dust and waste can simultaneously carry out other work, such as protective coating – Ability to handle the underwater part of the ship – Wide range of attachments can handle the surface of any shape – Ability to use hydroabrasive tips to improve efficiency of operations – Ability to largely automate the production of works in the shipbuilding and ship repair. Shipbuilding apparent advantage of high-pressure in the shipbuilding and ship repair is opportunity waterjet surface treatment. The use of special nozzles hydroabrasive can achieve the required purity grade mounting surface with a much lower level of operating pressure, than when working with water only. On the other hand, hydroabrasive method can not only increase productivity but also to get good adhesion properties of the machined surface. Waterjet machining also characterized by complete absence of dust in the production of artworks.