Industrial Property

The property intellectual and Industrial designates all the creations of spirit that a natural or legal person can avail himself, and which bring a potential financial remuneration in general and non-exclusive manner. By creating spirit, you have to understand all the inventions that have emerged from the imagination of their authors, such as e.g. literary and artistic works, symbols, names, images, drawings and models of which is used in trade, as well as the domain names, brands and patents.The creator of the work has two main rights about the same: the moral right that allows to identify the author of the same and the patrimonial right that allows to obtain, among other things, compensation. Thanks to these rights, nobody can be attributed unduly the work of another. Without them, no creation would be protected, which would be a problem for those who write books, compose songs, rolled films or paint pictures. On the Internet, the digitization of content and its communication has subtly altered the exercise of the rights of intellectual and industrial property. The structure of the network allows that millions of people have access, sometimes illegally, to content of legitimate owners, and they may commit violations without too many scruples, because of the ease of appropriation and dissemination of content. In this regard there cite the dissemination of videos of series like Simpsons yet unpublished that occurred in 2007 in the You Tube website. With the system of cut – paste, appropriating a content such a text, or even a brand logo, is not a difficult task, and social networks allow to disseminate these contents taken, unless you can impute liability direct to these websites, not knowing their owners the infringement nor have participated in the same. It is manifested by both the relative weakness of the protection of intellectual property in the network, but you must not forget that it can also cause problems for the protection of the Property industry on-line.