Industrial Revolution

The gastrite, in turn, is an inflammation of the existing mucosa in the stomach, this state has much relation with the specific situations where a constant exposition occurs the aversivas situations it estresse as it of day-by-day and it can become it chronic. In the present work, we will focus what of where ' ' veio' ' it estresse it, what it is, and a more intent look to the originary problems gastrointestinal that of this. DEVELOPMENT partner-description-cultural Context Let us attempt against us for the context here where ' ' surgiu' ' it greater estresse and its physical and psychic manifestations from a look for the work, cause told for the said patients estressados. Previously the Industrial Revolution, the production and wealth source came of the handling with the land, of the life in the field for attainment of the sustenance. The economy was amonetria, that is, the relations if based on the exchange of favors between gentlemen and vassals. Most of the population was formed for peasants, and these work the amount necessary to get the sufficient to survive, nothing more beyond housing and food.

The manual work and the fatigue muscular also they constitute causes that they send estresse to it. But until then nobody it is wanted pronounced the due term. With the advent of the machinery in England the economy that before was based on the exchange now needs capital for its maintenance, and this necessary capitalist structure of production and consumption. The peasants who before cultivated the land now handle machines, receive wages, have hours determined for entrance and exit of the work, approximately of 12 the 14 hours. Today, we live in the age of the new capitalism, exactly that the working hours has diminished, the same one or bigger productivity is demanded of the workers. This new type of work contributes for the valoralizao of the activity, and the culture, in turn it comes to confirm these values: ' ' It of the account of all looks at someone there, the master said that its activities, children, house, woman, work ' '.