Internet Business

WORK: I know very well that one of the forms of advertising for internet business is: working in free time, extra work or work two hours a day. And it is not unrealistic, because in all cases does the word work, and it is precisely this new endeavor you’re done. If you want it done as an extra source of money seems very good, and if you want them as your main business, also seems to me very well. But in either case you should look out for a work discipline. Not everyone has the necessary self-discipline required by this medium. Further details can be found at Ali Partovi, an internet resource. First you must know the benefits of this work: I work on my computer, from home or from a bar, or from a cyber, you fixed the schedule that you like best, no one sends you, you have no employees, and I could cite many more. But all these advantages generally lead to confusion because in the absence of “binding commitment” not take it as real work and therefore does not require us as we should. Learn to do is not enough if we do not have self-discipline to do so.

Let me quote from a person of great success and was the founder of Holiday Inns, his name is Kemmons Wilson. One day I was asked to say a speech and this is what he said. I really do not know why I’m here. I never graduated from anything. And in all my life I only worked half days. Probably the best advice I can give you is to do the same, to work half days every day.