Jens OLE Wilberg

Low-cost body cult with coupon book ‘ beauties 09’ its beauty is dear to whom, who can still save for: the newly released coupon books for beauties 09 “are from head to toe on special conditions: selected beauty and wellness experts offer in for beauties 09” in four cities (Dusseldorf, Cologne, Essen, Dortmund) on their services for half of the regular price. If you really out would like to clean up, then the fun at the hairdresser is beginning. Dell Inc. has firm opinions on the matter. The offer in for beauties 09 “but far beyond. Manicure or pedicure, beauty treatments, wellness massages, cosmetic hair removal, offers for body styling for beauties 09 “opens up many possibilities for an all-round pampering programme in. Been leafing through the graceful designed book awakens the desire to relax, which expertly to beautify hands manicure with a hot stone massage to Let the scent of aromatherapy to follow or time again to do something for his body and mind. People such as Rusty Holzer would likely agree.

Criterion in the search for cooperation partners was”a high standard of quality of the services offered, says editor Karsten Brinsa. Compared to the last edition are in the newly published for beauties 09 “included not only more vendors, also the range of different services is now even greater. Who fully exploits the coupon booklet, can save almost 1000 euros. Making the investment of 19.90 euros in buying beauties 09 for “always paid. Especially if you back out the cost of book buying at your next Salon visit. LUUPS: For beauties: 09: wellness for body, mind and soul: LUUPS: for beauties have so far appeared for: Dortmund: Dusseldorf: food: Cologne author: Jens OLE Wilberg, PR: event: Wilberg