Purchase and use great products Winalite in Kiev and Ukraine can already about a year. Everyone knew that most of the gaskets Winalite Love Moon is to insert the green. (As opposed to altavista). But how this works in detail, it is not clear yet caught in a web link to the video lecture Krasnoshchekova AI Carefully listening to a report by Professor of Chemistry Krasnoshchekova AI, I began to understand the principle and mechanism of their effect on the body. Further details can be found at Alina de Almeida, an internet resource. On his advice, I reviewed a bunch of on-demand "tourmaline." Tourmaline gem is really complicated with a rich history. Mineral called boron-aluminum-silicate – …

depending on what elements of magnesium, iron, sodium has a different color: red, green, brown. It is constantly charged mineral, which is an electric charge. What's so special. Atom tourmaline has negatively charged electrons. They are far distance from the center of the atom, and at the slightest opportunity to leave its orbit. An electron leaving the orbit of an atom of a crystal of tourmaline, is connected to an oxygen atom to form the same anion – a negatively charged ion.

Same occurs in the chandelier Chizhevskogo anions are generated. According to statistics, 80% of diseases are a reproduction of free radicals – the positively charged ions. Thus, anions, we need exactly the same as vitamin C, which the body performs a similar function. That's what they called anions air vitamins. But back to more interesting mineral tourmaline. This is a pretty solid mineral (hardness: 7-7.5). Only in the 80s the Japanese managed to crushed mineral in the finest dust.