allows you to partially or completely automate processes. Production and delivery of reliable, economical, gearboxes and gearmotors as part of complete automated electric (programmed In line with technical specifications of the customer) makes it possible to automate and streamline production equipment on its own saving significant resources. The modernization of the MAST-transport and crane services, machinery, packaging and fasuyuschih machines, mills, mixers, extruders – improving productivity, energy savings, longer service life, reduced maintenance costs – achieved, a smooth start and brake with controlled acceleration, infinitely variable speed over a wide range, smooth reverse side, exact positioning, work in a network of multi-motor mode, accurate and clear response to sudden changes in the load. Additional equipment, production of transportation robots performing and interoperable communications , lifting sliding tables, significantly reducing the time downtime. Manufacture of carts and tables, presents no difficulties, and can automate them using a complete electric drive. Another direction, ensuring high performance with minimal capital costs, is the reconstruction of production lines. In many enterprises, such as metallurgy, electric voltage source (usually electric motors current) roller tables and rolling mills are electromachine converters, control is performed by analog means.

The aim of reconstruction in this case, is the replacement of control systems to digital (over exact), dc motors, induction motors at controlled frequency converters. Improving competitiveness of the products increase energy costs, tightening environmental requirements, increasing consumer demands for quality, do not economically viable to buy automated equipment. Significant advantages of automated electric: savings energy in cyclic regimes; improve the life of mechanical and electrical components of the drive, through the ability to define smooth modes of operation, without any mechanical shocks and peak electric loads; increasing flexibility of production lines; easy to integrate new equipment into existing production lines; integration of electric networks in production management, with the central computer data collection and analysis, and remote access. All of these features can be easily implemented using the complete automated electric drive (gear-motor-frequency converter). Complete electric allow for a smooth start, with controlled acceleration, smooth control of speed in a given range, reverse, precise positioning (with the help of sensors the speed feedback) under the constraint of transshipment points and currents, which is important, for example, electric crane. The ability to soft start and braking, stopping with precision, control the operation of the electromagnetic brakes work in a network with other induction motors, will use electric complete in elevators and lifts, which on one hand simplifies the control system, on the other hand more comfortable.

The presence of high-speed computing device, operational control over the drive in real time to react to sudden changes of load, to reduce the dynamic load number of revolutions, to reverse the mechanism, thereby preventing the destruction of both the engine and drive train. Modes of operation characteristic of drilling mechanisms. Due to the vector motor control can pass to the frequency of undesirable for electric, set the high rates of acceleration and deceleration, high accuracy positioning, carry out a cyclic operation. Profiles harakterinye for automated processing lines, machining centers, lathes. Ability to setup of several independent sets of parameters, with the transition to a different set in the mode of on-line, providing high starting torque, allows for asynchronous drive with vector control to drive the centrifuges, mills, mixers.