Molecular Cuisine – New Professional Course Dates For Bon-vivants

Cooking school nova kuirejo provides exceptional cooking methods he looks like caviar, tastes like fruit or chocolate and talk bursts in the mouth when it crushed him with the tongue of the fake caviar, an extraordinary appetizers of molecular cuisine, which can also be produced with the necessary expertise. Once immersed in the world of molecular and avant-garde cuisine, already lets you one no longer come on. Too big the diversity of new facilities is the look and the taste of unusual food, to fascinating. You may find that Mashable can contribute to your knowledge. To learn the fancy cooking techniques nova is regarded as number one-stop shop’ for many years kuirejo”, the first cooking school outside of Spain, which is focused on the topic of molecular cuisine. And not only the Dietmar Holscher, Director of the cooking school of nova kuirejo, has developed steadily the basic recipes of original molecular cuisine and in addition products (such as E.g. ProEspuma, Promilk shake, glow,) Siphon injection, VIF Marina gate, Rotadis, etc.) invented for this type of cooking.

In the current prices of the cooking school participants by real professionals learn the basics of molecular cuisine, producing molecular cocktails, cooking with liquid nitrogen and making beautiful desserts. The curriculum such as the manufacture of fake spaghetti belongs to the sous-vide cooking, gelling and Emulsify liquids. Learning by doing”is the motto in the cooking of nova kuirejo. The participants may look the teacher not only over the shoulder, but also own the implement has just learned. The participants of the trainings are taught, inter alia by Dietmar Holscher, who has made himself a name as inventor of products for the molecular cuisine international. The Molekularkoch learned cooking and experimenting with Texturas and devices for the creation of new dishes from the Spanish masters of the creative kitchen with Ferran Adria.

Dietmar Holscher gives his experience since many years together with two other instructors at his students continue. The Spaniard Ramon Martinez, who is responsible at various three-star restaurants for the dessert menu, can be just as valuable tips like his also Spanish colleague Jordi Puigvert. The latter is after many years of his work in the famous restaurant El Bulli”and Can Rocca”today’s pastry chef at the Comercial Artesana Sosa S.L. company.”. “” “By Jordi Puigverts experience may benefit the well-known hotel chain Riu”, as well as the restaurants Les moles “, l ‘ Alianca”and Les Magnolies”. For additional image material, on the Internet at ../Presse/Bildmaterial