Nicholas Nadeina

Church of St. Nicholas Nadeina. Built the very first in Yaroslavl tenements, it was later heavily rebuilt. In Soviet times it was surrounded by modern apartment buildings, among which is quite lost. Less frequently than the other temples Yaroslavl, suited to her visitors. But she still is beautiful! And that was in the xvii century! Then it was the first The first stone church, built not a prince or a king or a rich monastery.

Church of St. Nicholas Nadeina built a native of People just Yaroslavl merchant. Built on the bank of the Volga, it made a huge impression on his contemporaries. High, stone, five-domed, surrounded by open gallery, which gave her a very picturesque view. It proud. About her legends. The church was dedicated to the patron of merchants, Nicholas. But the name of the church soon began to add the name of the person who built – Nadei Sveteshnikova.

And still the name of the Yaroslavl merchant perpetuated in the name of the church. Probably worth it, this man! Rich, adventurous, bold. He wore a high title of tsar's guest, who could only welcome the king. And got it, very few merchants. In the xvii century in Russia sovereign's guests were only about 30. And the title is complained of Merit. Nadia Sveteshnikov mastered the new land, made bold trades, collecting taxes, bringing huge profits to the Treasury, has repeatedly lent money and the king. But was independent merchant. Built a magnificent church, and in it put jasper floor, what was not in a Moscow church. Ordered the emperor to take this floor for Moscow. A finished this amazing man is bad. Making another bold trade operation, he took a large sum of money, but was unable to return. And every day, beaten with a whip no longer young man. This was called . So on e he died. He has built the church of St. Nicholas Nadeina in Yaroslavl, still stands today and is named after its founder. Its one of the first in Russia was built in stone after the terrible period of the Time of Troubles, and she became the first jewel in a beautiful necklace of stone churches, constructed in Yaroslavl in the xvii century.