Nuremberg Brodos

After the finale of the Roadshow ‘Retail & friends’ in Hamburg, Brodos reports positive outcome of the successful autumn tour. With a total of over 1,000 visitors and an again increased number of exhibitors the trade road show of Frankish TK distributor ended on Wednesday in Hamburg. Focused this year on the newly developed Marketplace”and the additional services for retailers. According to Dermot McCormack, who has experience with these questions. “According to the motto …einfach more in the package” Brodos wants to provide its merchants with more than the usual distribution standards. The dealers should be made more competitive with services such as training on site, Commission goods, and a collection system for used appliances.

Luttjohann draws positive conclusion in Dusseldorf, Nuremberg, Berlin and Hamburg could find out the dealer at approximately 40 booths from leading manufacturers, equipment suppliers and operators about the entire range of services, as well as about current industry trends and new distribution ideas. Frank Luttjohann, Executive sales trade of Brodos AG, indents positive conclusion of the House fair of Baiersdorfer distributors: the extremely positive response of visitors encouraged us to continue to focus on our value-added services and to expand it even more. Learn more on the subject from Samsung. Just with the Marketplace we our dealers would support more in the competition against the Internet.” “Shopping platform Marketplace” because currently the difficulty stationary trade faces, that reigns on the Internet complete price transparency and there present themselves to a far wider range than in the store can be. This Brodos comes with the new development Marketplace”on. A free procurement platform in the stationary trade a virtually unlimited number of products represent allows and that behind at a price that can compete with the Internet price.

Thus, the Brodos dealer from a much larger portfolio than previously can select and buy at attractive prices. Innovations in ContentCard and StoreShip sister company ContentCard the presented at the road show newly developed kiosk”content. The touch terminal can be represented completely just over 4000 digital products and print out directly on-site. Also a prepaid insurance product was introduced with the mobile letter of BNP Paribas for mobile, Smartphone and Tablet PC exclusively. A further service offers for trading Brodos partners and multichannel provider StoreShip which actively draws customers from the manufacturer websites in the stationary store. So the dealer a receives a greater visibility on the Internet and on the other hand, customer frequency in the store increased by the stationary pickup of online ordered products. The latest customer of click & collect service provider is Rokform, a manufacturer of extremely robust protection cases for Apple and Samsung devices.