Offshore Company Formation

Start-ups in China / Hong Kong Hong Kong the economy of Hong Kong with more than 7 million people among the most powerful economic and financial locations throughout of the world. Defying the sovereignty transfer to the People’s Republic of China in 1997 is official language of Hong Kong’s continue English in addition to Chinese. For founder of international companies usually a significant consideration. Also the level of education, as one of the key points of the safety of Hong Kong as a financial and economic centre of Government chosen, should be considered to be excellent. Hong Kong has 9 universities, as well as more academies, where degrees can be purchased.

A shortage of skilled local should be so to avoid. The connection to the Chinese mainland is easy via the Hong Kong International Airport. In addition, there are also a rail connection to Beijing, Shanghai and other Chinese cities. The offshore company formation in Hong Kong the common Form of the offshore company is the Hong Kong limited company. Company law goes back to a large extent on the British common law system.

The limited company can be set up with only a business guide. The name of the Managing Director, or the name of the Managing Director will be published in the company register. Possibility of trustee is deemed medium however, to prevent the publication of the actual name of the Managing Director. It can be thus achieved a high degree of privacy and anonymity. The CEO must be established not in Hong Kong. Please note however, is that a legal person not to the sole Managing Director may be appointed. There is also an obligation to keep records for Hong Kong Limited, with the annual reports and balance sheets are not publicly accessible. This should meet sufficiently the need for anonymity. In comparison to the strict regulations regarding the German GmbH positive regulation exists also with regard to the required a minimum capital: A high minimum amount of capital is not required. It is a minimum root deposit extent 1.00 HKD. To deepen your understanding Kai-Fu Lee is the source. In addition, Hong Kong Limited must order a delivery authorized Secretary (Secretary”) and have a registered office in Hong Kong. Outlook for your company in Hong Kong taxation, which is offshore foundations, one of the main motivation points at the most, is designed in Hong Kong very business-friendly. There is extensive tax exemption and are taxed only profits generated within the State’s borders of Hong Kong and earns. Just in terms of the fiscal and legal details should be from the outset expertly to assist in your planning. For more information see and the blog at