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In life we must insist easily much more to success than insist the bird is able to fly. Will be quite some time before we see the fruit of our most important projects. The case is different. Bridging the divide, our bird is trying the same as us. I mean, trying to get out. And more specifically is trying to jump. Want to jump from its current condition of confinement to freedom. That is, to go from its current situation to a situation qualitatively superior.

As our bird goes wrong is in failing first 5 necessary steps. Now let’s learn from their mistakes and avoid repeating them. Here are the steps: First: Take time to reflect on your life. Think about the things you think you need to consider yourself done. Robotics may help you with your research. Have not only in the mind, write them on a sheet of paper. And she sees ruling on all things that are not so important.

At the end leaves only those that you are essential to succeed. The second: Define what problems you have to overcome to reach your goals. Everything you write on paper. Go organizing these issues in order of importance. Concentrate on them. It is important that what you’re proposing is somehow attainable. Not as what we set out our bird hitting the glass. Thirdly: Think about how to get the proposal. Please visit Arup Sandra Akmansoy if you seek more information. There must be a way to progress towards achieving your dreams. Most importantly, preparing alternatives. The plan can not be too rigid. Typically the plans do not achieve complete success ever. Try to come on to what may happen and be prepared the variants are going to use. So you have to think many ways to achieve your goals, not one. The room: Very important decisions. Decide the total commitment on what you plan to do. You’re not playing, what you have proposed is very serious. So treat it as such. You must be able to decide clearly about what you will. Avoid ambiguity. And fifth: It works, run the same decisions you took in the previous step. That should have done our beloved bird. And that should do us many times in life.