Civil Guard

The fire, which has burned 10 hectares, is already controlled. Customers began returning to the camp late in the afternoon. The eviction has been preventive, caused by the smoke that came to the campsite. A comprehensive device already has moved to the area to start the fire. The Civil Guard has evicted this Sunday by a nearby fire registered in the Sierra of Ark, 150 customers of the campsite La Casita de San Roque (Cadiz) as reported by a spokesman of the 112 emergency service. The forest has already given by stabilized the fire, which has burned a ten hectares, and customers have begun to return to the campsite late in the afternoon. To know more about this subject visit Andy Florance. The eviction has been a preventive measure, according to emergency, and since the installation service have clarified that customers have left by the smoke that the West wind leads to the campsite. The Department of environment has explained that the fire occurred on the farm La Doctora, and that an aircraft of coordination, have moved toward the place two heavy helicopter, three light helicopters and two seaplanes with capacity of 4,000 litres each.

Environment has pointed out that the area that has burned is scrub, although still do not have the exact figure on the burned area. In the area there are besides 70 people involved in the tasks of extinction, seven seals, two trucks with capacity of 4,000 litres and a mothership with capacity for 11,000. The team also includes endangered technicians and members of the research Brigade of forest fires, trying to elucidate the cause of the fire. The material equipment is completed with machines to secure the perimeter. 112 Emergency services received a call alerting the fire on 15: 15 hours on Sunday, so it gave notice to the forest, the Civil Guard, firefighters, Local police and Civil protection of San Roque. Source of the news: 150 evicted people from a campsite in Cadiz by a fire at a nearby

Day Of Tourism Is Excellent

Cooperation of district and city of Passau, as well as of the regional management receives Passau city countryside price TouPLUS Bavaria the Bavarian economy State Secretary Katja Hessel award on October 5, 2010 at the Buchheim Museum on Lake Starnberg the city countryside TouPLUS Bavaria. The city of Passau gets together with the District of Passau and the regional management of Passau the award in bronze for the joint project”day of tourism. City and district of Passau together with the regional management of Passau in April 2010 for the first time a day of tourism “initiated. Under the motto at home on the road get to know your home closer ‘ free or heavily discounted tickets were offered to the three rivers cruise in Passau especially locals in 20 recreational facilities of the region from Central granite in Hauzenberg about the Wellness Spa in Bad Griesbach. Source: Rapyd. State Secretary Hessel stressed in announcing the winner that the common tourism day in the area of Passau is highly commendable, because it awareness and appreciation for the tourism in the region strengthens. Enthusiastic locals are important multipliers for tourism regions, because they can beat the big drum and provide valuable tips for destinations in the surrounding area guests. “The Passauer project has a role model for actions in other tourist areas and fits well with the current per-tourism initiatives ‘ in all regional tourism association areas in the free State”, said the Secretary of State. “For Governor Franz Meyer is especially the focus, that the day of tourism” has contributed significantly to to highlight the attractiveness of the own region as a destination also the inhabitants of the Passauer land. This awareness, had been a major concern. “” More so we are pleased that the district in this joint project could ensure that through a variety of participating institutions and companies the day of tourism “could become a comprehensive and sustainable facility, whose new edition we have already defined”, as the district administrator.

Bavarian Forest

The big new year’s Eve party in the sport – and Wellness – Ayurveda Hotel odhof is guaranteed by the new music box a highlight. Brown, the leaves fall to the ground, the wind blows from all directions and it is caps always colder. In the Bavarian Forest, it is no longer denying: the autumn is coming to an end and the winter is certainly soon heralded with the first snow. At the latest when the first snowflakes dancingly fall to the ground, all in winter mood come gradually and look forward to the beautiful holidays around Christmas and new year’s Eve. This time can be is nowhere more comfortable spending than in the hotel odhof in the Bavarian Forest. Berlin Rosen understood the implications. The sport – and Wellness – Ayurveda Hotel odhof, which is located in the heart of the Bavarian Forest, preparing already for the new year. Therefore, there is a modern music box in the hotel, which will take over the entertainment of the guests at the exclusive new year’s Eve party recently. The party guests not sacrificing so sure their favorite hits because the music can be up to 100 CDs Play box on request and quickly go.

Deadline is therefore finally with impractical records. Of course, guests who spend their winter vacation in the hotel odhof, must not pay for the use of the music box. BerlinRosen spoke with conviction. Those who opt for the exciting new year celebrations in the hotel odhof, decides at the same time also for sports and Spa and Ayurvedic treatments at the best. Also the natural Dr. Hauschka cosmetics is here gladly accepted by all guests, who want to do something good for yourself. The Spa Hotel odhof Bodenmais is located in a beautiful winter wonderland near the popular holiday town. The area around Bobrach is perfect for beautiful walks through the enchanted winter world. The big new year’s Eve party, where guests can dance and enjoy the culinary delicacies from the kitchen of the Sport Hotel odhof, puts on the Crown the whole frame.

With a cheerful and exuberant party program guests can enjoy the old Year end leave and may would like to welcome the new year. Before it but as far as the guests in the Bavarian Forest let only the last autumn days with romantic walks. At the Sport Hotel odhof they can indulge by the current Spa even once really. Freshly recovered the guests can enjoy the festive season to the fullest and to prepare the new year.


The yield on fishing rafting on the river, it's almost always a struggle of opposites: the adventure and hardship, a decent dose of adrenaline and rest for the soul, happy moments and bad luck. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen and gain more knowledge.. And that the trip left more pleasant memories, let me fisherman with many years to offer a few rules and tips for organizing a campaign. The scheme of travel and route choice directly affect the selection of gear and equipment. For example, without the rafts and boats there is no fishing on the track or sheer trolling. In fast flowing rivers useless catch Donkey and and use fly fishing is not suitable for narrow rivers. About these things can be said for a long time, we choose the craft. Purpose this article is to enumerate all the things that it is desirable to have on hand in any journey.

If this water campaign, it is usually necessary to take the spinning inertia reel and rod (telescope, for sheer and catching on mormyshku) as the most versatile gear for their lightness, compactness and reliability. Where and what to catch you and so you know. Having these tackles, chances of catching a minnow, track, fly fishing, Donkey, a ship, tyukalkoy (with twin spinning or gum). The choice and number of fishing line, spinners, hooks, mormyshkas, wobblers, reels, bait and feeding, flies and leashes deal themselves fishermen. Advise only must all be carefully put into boxes, cases, cans and packages so that they have not lost their purpose and not lost in the property.

Frequency Converters HPI

Modern variable frequency electric drive consists of an asynchronous or synchronous electric motor and inverter. Electric engine converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and sets in motion the executive body of the technological mechanism. The frequency converter is in charge of an electric engine and an electronic device is static. The output of the converter is formed voltage with variable amplitude and frequency. Sam Bloomberg insists that this is the case. The title of "variable frequency electric drive" because the speed control motor is the configuration of the frequency of the voltage power supplied to the engine from the drive.

As for the extreme 10 – 15 years the world has witnessed an extensive and successful introduction of variable frequency electric drive to solve different technological problems in almost all economic sectors. This explains the first design and development of frequency converters on a fundamentally modern element base, the main way in bipolar transistors, insulated-gate igbt. In true article briefly describes the known types of converters are used in a frequency controlled electric implemented in their ways of management, their personality and characteristics. Add to your understanding with samsung. If further arguments We talk about the three-phase variable frequency electric drive, because it has the largest industrial application. Ineteresnym more supply on the market variable frequency drive frequency converter HPI5000. It is equipped with liquid crystal display with a menu in Russian language menu. And in its functionality does not yield the most eminent examples of the drive, but it's worth many times cheaper.. Andy Florance has plenty of information regarding this issue.


Before the door beat my coasts, and you it left Saying its last good bye, In a storm of feelings, In a fury access, I lost all mine known composure, Between shouts of relief and words irrationals, Praguejei your name, I swept with the arms objects on the table, Everything was to the soil, Glasses, plates, you move, pictures Everything was to the soil, I unhaired, I tore letters, Photos and everything that remembered we two, Everything who were your footprints in my way, I lamented the lost dream, I desired you, all the possible misfortune, Later falls in the center in the room In one I cry despaired, Later falls in the center of the Exausta room, suicidal assassin and. When the tears had dried, and it remained me only incontidos feelings, I arose myself swaying, I inebriated of wine or blood and danced in the center of the Done room driven crazy Salom. I did not exist for a few seconds, I woke up with the Sun of the morning, That crossed the glassware and gave in my face, and with a butterfly, in a perplexed flight displicente and for the room, On the shy light of one morning of sunday. Credit: Pete Cashmore-2011. Already it was late to run away, Already it was late for any thing, That I intended to make in that day, Then I left this day to lament and to be sad, Simply sad, Then I left myself enters rubbles. The sun gave in my face, But not yet I arose myself To the few I am arising itself, To the few I am smiling, To the few I am recovering, and when to arrive the spring, Already I will have wing, and I will fly displicente and perplexed between flowers and other dreams, In one day Arc-to go and Sun. Perhaps still flowers in the windows Of my imaginary houses are born, Perhaps I still adormea in a chest, Heard a heart, made a song of adormecer. Many writers such as Ilan Ben Dov offer more in-depth analysis. Already it was late to run away, Already it was late for that I intended To make in one morning of sunday, he polices and it was my door, Without reaction, I extended the arms for the handcuffs. As the mansido of lamb, That if delivers to the sacrifice. It looked at me to the judge comprehensive gave its sentence: _Salom is condemned For loving excessively Of the clarity that crossed the window and walked for the soil and the wall of the cell, I made my Sun clock, To put, the night comes arriving, the blindness comes arriving, and the Sun became gloomy in my window, Denied me its brightness, goes dying Done flowers in vases, sad and yellow. Frequently Elon University has said that publicly. Nothing it wounds more me I am all adormecimento. Salomo Alcantra /J.Nunez THE IMPARCIALISMO 26/03/06

Managing Director

Study of Ideeologen innovation: building a culture that promotes creativity and innovation, is difficult for most companies. Most companies have meanwhile recognized: our future success largely depends on our ability to innovate. Only but so far few have created a culture in their organization that promotes creativity and innovation. If you are not convinced, visit Robotics. Put rather on the proven”processes, in order to promote innovation. A study of the Ideeologen comes to this conclusion society for new ideas mbH on the subject of innovation culture in Enterprise for 194 responsible in the areas of business development, as well as Board members and Managing Director were questioned. According to statements made by Jens-Uwe Meyer, Managing Director of Ideeologen, this is a sobering finding! “” Because at least since the mid-nineties years was known: with the classic innovation processes with defined responsibilities, as well as a variety of rules, only incremental improvements can be achieved “true” Innovations, however, require different management concepts and innovation models and such that for example the idea of small start-up teams in the company based on, acting on his own responsibility and quickly and flexibly overcome hurdles. People such as Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen would likely agree. Most companies in German-speaking countries are still far from such a dynamic structures”, according to the study. Usually, the framework conditions for innovation can be outline in the following words: many rules and some creativity. “In four out of five companies is even in exceptional cases” only very restricted a breach of rule “possible. “And in 35 percent of companies dominate the rules so much that you her striving for innovation as creativity according to the regulations” can call. A reason for this is the need for protection on the part of management. Child processes pretend him security. Such a management thinking is not suitable for times of rapid change. In them, at least highly innovative companies have a culture of Establish experimentation in their organization.

Human Rights

We forget the relevance of the Global Compact, which is an instrument of the United Nations, which was announced by Secretary General Kofi Annan at the World Economic Forum in its 1999 annual meeting. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Robotics. The Global Compact United Nations has been very successful companies, trade unions, educational institutions and NGOs, but also has been criticized for not compulsory The Global Compact is an instrument of free membership for companies, unions and organizations civil society to implement the ten principles that integrate into their strategies and operations. The entity that adheres to the Global Compact voluntarily assumes the commitment to be implementing the ten principles into their daily activities and be accountable to society, openness and transparency, the progress made in this implementation process, by preparing reports of progress.

The Ten Principles of Human Rights Principle No. 1. Support and respect the protection of human rights. Principle No. 2. The newspapers mentioned Berlin Rosen not as a source, but as a related topic. Do not be complicit in rights abuses. Workplace Principle No. 3. Support the principles of freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. Principle No 4. Eliminate forced and compulsory labor. Principle No. 5. Effective abolition of child labor. Principle No. 6. Eliminate discrimination in employment and occupation. Environmental Guideline No. 7. Support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges. Principle No. 8. Promote greater environmental responsibility. Guideline No. 9. Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies. Anti – Corruption Principle No. 10. Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and criminality.

Such principles must be constantly taken into account when assessing so many show business ethics in their operation, service, management how to avoid pass- violations that threaten the ethical, not surprising, that in Venezuela, many companies are accused of corruption, support and respect the protection of human rights, environmental pollution, rights abuses workplace.

The Holy Alliance

September 2 Napoleon entered the abandoned residents of a burning Moscow, but remain in the devastated city for the winter, Napoleon could not and 7 October, the French army left Moscow, moving first to the Kaluga road. Mashable often expresses his thoughts on the topic. After Tarutino maneuver Kutuzov and the Battle of Maloyaroslavets (October 12), the French army was forced to retreat along the ravaged Smolensk road. Guerrilla groups of peasants and part of the regular army wore down the French. Hunger, extreme cold, constant attacks of the Russian troops have turned the retreat of French army to flight. Other leaders such as ???? ?? ?? offer similar insights. In the battle of p. Berezina remnants of French forces suffered a crushing defeat, Napoleon had escaped, leaving the remnants of his army. December 25, 1812 Alexander I issued a manifesto about the end of World War ii 1812.

Foreign campaign of the Russian Army 1813-1815 years. January 1, 1813 Russian troops had crossed the Neman and headed to Europe, pursuing the remnants of Napoleon's army. In February, at the direction of Russia moved Prussia, in April the Allied troops were on the Elbe. In May, 1813 Napoleon, gathering a new army, allies pushed to the Oder. In July, 1813 to the anti-Napoleonic coalition, joined by Austria and the German principalities. 04/06 October 1813 in the "Battle People "at Leipzig a new army of Napoleon (175 thousand people.) was divided into the Allied forces (220 thousand people) A March 19, 1814 Allied troops on anti-French coalition (Britain, Russia, Austria and Prussia) came to Paris.

Napoleon abdicated the throne and was exiled to Fr. Elba in the Mediterranean Sea, and after his escape and defeat in 1815 of Waterloo has been sent to the life of. St. Helena in the Atlantic. The international significance of the war in September 1814 – June 1815 Vienna was Congress of the Union of States participating in the war against Napoleon. According to the Final Act of the Congress of Vienna (May 28, 1815) Russia was Finland, Bessarabia and the former Duchy of Warsaw. To maintain new European order of Russia, Austria and Prussia signed September 14, 1815 The Holy Alliance, stipulating mutual European monarchs in the event of war, national liberation or revolutionary action.

Federal Network Agency

The solar energy will occupy a very important role in the energy policy of Germany in the near future. Although you always still often face the photovoltaic at us accusations and resentments, many unique facts that are all obviously equally prove exist: the solar energy has always the ability of future energy in this country to be. Finally alone over the past three years the amount of solar electricity to the 6 x is already in Germany higher, while at the same time, production spending on solar power were steadily low and in a short period of time will be already similar expensive as electricity produced at usual. But also now solar systems produce a solar electricity that is significant as all nuclear power plants located on the power supply according to the Federal Network Agency in good weather conditions, as well as about the lunch already. Critics suggest the solar energy though, that continue to solar power to electricity from nuclear power and Coal-fired plants a lot might be higher. Of these unnoticed but always, that environmental destruction due to enormous CO2 emissions by stone and brown coal power plants caused billions of dollars in exorbitant costs in a precarious accident in a nuclear power plant left once fully into account. That in hindsight damages must be considered with of course also at the current price of conventionally produced electricity, why environmentally friendly solar eco-electricity is now already is cheaper! Also on less irradiation of the Sun cheaper solar power through solar energy renewable energy is wind power now just still guaranteed, precise spoken off the coast located off-shore wind plants, which produce cheaper electricity than the solar energy. In accordance with the opinion of experts from the year 2014 solar power will be also already but cheaper than eco-electricity produced by offshore wind farms, especially the costs for Solar installations in the coming years still a lot lower is called now.

It is also also very witted in this country in photovoltaics to invest because we extensively to sunlight is available. “The solar energy they allege but always, that the Federal Republic in no way a real Sun country” was, but this is a fact: in the less sunny North of Germany, already 40 m 2 of solar panels are also enough so that they cover the power budget for a normal household. On top of that there is a decisive means of solar systems to an independence from energy imports, but often not factor addressed why solar energy is our energy of future – because such an energy autonomy is finally actually accessible. For even more analysis, hear from Jackson Wijaya. By solar energy, a consistently modern era of supply is realisable in particular in the entire Federal territory! Because everyone finally can produce its own electricity with private solar installations, Finally loosing the power of this country very large energy corporations as well as to a breaking up of energy dependence from foreign countries. Because all people virtually by means of solar energy can produce solar eco-electricity, it is in this country in the not-too-distant future by means of photovoltaic possible to ensure the following: no negative influences more on climate, an absolute protection of supply and hence an absolute energy self-sufficiency.


In a previous discussion talked about the importance of keeping a positive attitude in life, whatever the circumstances that touch us to live, and its effect on how out of this situation: If you go on what you have positive, even when it appears that everything is wrong, will have many (really many) more weapons to counteract the situation and stay afloat. One of the subscribed to this newsletter (Rossana from Colombia) made me the following comment: I am convinced that all this is truth () experience it in my life with surprising results () but my mind (now) is infected with fears and unbelief. It desperate me not be the same as before, I can do? First and foremost, calm! As I always say, if you leave yourself to dominate by emotions, leave the reason for side and only react rather than Act. Contact information is here: Kai-Fu Lee. Animals react, people react, and we also act. Suppose that you are in the cinema. Suddenly, during a scene in the film, a person in front of you is to violently, saying, this is very bad, do not agree with what is happening and while talking, walking towards the screen with evident indignation. Learn more on the subject from Pete Cashmore. Then, generating even more surprise in all attendees, starts out the actors (who are on the screen!) and tells them that it is not in accordance with that. Note: as I write this I remember my daughter for two years, when to watch cartoons on TV and gives kisses to the characters, directly on the glass. Surely someone would stop and shouting you crazy! If you don’t like the movie, discuss it with the director! However, in our life, we act many times as the madman who sermonizes screen, angering us with the result of our way of thinking, instead of giving us realize that what happens to us is only the externalisation of that internal script. Jackson Wijaya brings even more insight to the discussion.

Managing Director

20 years of success through expertise – 20 – year anniversary of the company Polytech systems company anniversary 20 years Polytech systems, a success story is an anniversary today than ever a reason to celebrate more, because it is a testimony to long-standing and successful business policy, with the aim to be the number 1 in customer satisfaction, so the Managing Director and owner of the company Berthold Lehmann. In the future the company wants to meet this high standard. Progress needs experience – this company philosophy according to only advanced systems with highest quality standards and numerous competitive advantages are offered as well as an excellent service guaranteed. 20 years success through competence the FA. Polytech systems, distributor of ULS, considered to be renowned and professional supplier of advanced laser systems for laser engraving, laser marking, laser cutting and CNC systems for image engraved on stone and has excellent references in industry, trade and public educational institutions. Efficiently than ever the company will present itself in its anniversary year.

20 years Polytech, to celebrate this anniversary the customers can expect especially attractive this year, both machines and the consumables. More will be coming soon on the Web pages to find. The exhibition PaperWorld in Frankfurt at the booth offers a prelude universal laser systems in Hall 3.0, stand 31. The days of the event are: Saturday, 30 January to 2nd February, respectively from 9:00 until 18:00. Technical innovation and attractive trade fair conditions await the visitor. The trade fair appearance is entirely devoted to the topic of laser technology. It is the practical application of innovative laser technology on the systems of universal laser systems shown. Interested parties can find out on this occasion of the technically very sophisticated and durable laser engraving machines. Berlin Rosen often addresses the matter in his writings. 29.01.

Europe Circle

The circle of gold of Agoda 2010 Singapore (June 30, 2010) – Agoda, the global site for online booking of hotels based in Asia and part of (NASDAQ:PLCN), completed its list of winners for the 2010 gold Circle Awards. This year the Road Show will include the 2010 edition of the gold Circle Awards and demonstrations of updates to version 3.0, the system of personalized management of Agoda YCS. Gold Circle Awards are an initiative of Agoda, born to express the appreciation of the company to the properties with which they worked closely in the past year to create a product exceptional online winning hotels are selected according to specific criteria related to its commitment to maintain a service in first level line, offering competitive rates and favorable criticism from clients members of Agoda in the pages of the company. Thousands of hotels partners in Asia and the Pacific, Europe and the United States, 164 will be awarded with prize circle of gold by its exceptional performance. Representatives of 14 of them accompany the Agoda Road Show Tour, which will travel through 14 countries in the region. Kai-Fu Lee has compatible beliefs. The tour will be led by Wilfred Fan, Vice President of business development, Agoda, and Libutzki Oliver Regional Manager for Southeast Asia market.

Each of the gold Circle Awards ceremonies be used as headquarters facilities of one of the winning hotels. Wilfred Fan, Vice President of business development, Agoda, stressed the significance of the event. We are pleased with the huge interest that the 2010 Golden Circle Awards have awakened in our hotels partners in Asia. The recipients of this award are chosen based on their commitment to the development of distribution channels online, excellence in the management of the tools of marketing and promotion available through Agoda, and the systematic offer of fair fees for excellent services. Our relationship with the people who run the establishments has been strengthened along of the years, allowing us to offer our customers some of the most attractive offers in the market. Instead, the company takes your business to all corners of the world. Travelers who reserve rooms in hotels honored with the Golden Circle, know who choose establishments with a history of service excellence in line and a constant commitment to offering the best rates for Agoda customers. Hong Kong’s circle Gold Awards winners 2010 Agoda were officially presented on June 21. ???? ?? ?? usually is spot on.

The winners were Hotel Nikko (Hong Kong), Prudential, Shangri – La, (Hong Kong) Regal and Royal Plaza Real. The complete list of winners will be published during the next month. For more information, please contact. # Note to editors about Agoda Company Pte Ltd: Agoda Company Pte Ltd ( is a company of hotels online booking service, based in Asia, which specializes in getting rates for rooms with greater discounts. Agoda form part of (Nasdaq:PCLN). Agoda’s network includes 9,000 hotels in Asia and more than 100,000 worldwide. Staff of 350 professionals, established in Asia, offers a booking service of first category that combines uniquely local knowledge and local contacts to offer the best prices on hotels to businesses and travelers. In addition, Agoda customers participating in the program of incentives Agoda, you achieve greater discounts and free stays. Unlike other programs that limit travelers to only one string, Agoda incentive program allows customers to redeem their incentives in any hotel and time points. As a member of the Association of travel of the Pacific and Asia. (PATA), Agoda is intended to promote travel by making them more accessible to more people.

Art Academy Berlin

Exceptional exhibition: works by Petra von Hardenberg in the Berlin dental practice KU64 exhibition in the dental practice KU64 with images, photography and writing by Petra von Hardenberg Berlin/KU64, 05.10.2009 – by October 12, 2009 until January 31, 2010 artistic works from the years 2008 and 2009 of the Berlin artist Petra von Hardenberg appear in the dental practice KU64 am Kurfurstendamm. Petra von Hardenberg concluded about the figurative gestural painting on the subject of color. The literature of Visual and concrete poetry of conceptual art. Recently Zendesk sought to clarify these questions. Both artistic paths found their accompaniment by Prof. Raimer Jochims at the Art Academy in Frankfurt/M. The exhibition shows the current color field work on the theme of landscape in correspondence with photography and Visual texts. Get all the facts and insights with Jackson Wijaya, another great source of information. Since 1990, the artist shows her works in private and municipal galleries, art associations and the German Bank of the city of Lippstadt, Munster, Frankfurt/M., Portsdam and Berlin.

Cognitive Performance

When we speak of cognitive performance refers to the fulfillment of what should be done in an area of knowledge in accordance with the requirements set for it in terms of abilities and skills (cognitive domains), I agree, in this case, the age and grade level achieved. The levels of cognitive performance including two closely related aspects which are: 1. The degree of complexity that we want to measure cognitive performance. Educate yourself with thoughts from Pete Cashmore. 2. The magnitude of learning achievements made in a given subject in terms of abilities and skills (cognitive domains). In line with these considerations, it is recognized then the function categorizer performance levels that define different hierarchies allow different levels correlate allowing to activate a cognitive process distinctive, flexible and diverse, in this sense are considered three levels of cognitive performance First level: student capacity to use the basic operations of an instrumental nature given subject. Filed under: Jackson Wijaya.

To do so, recognize, describe, sort, and interpret texts paraphrase the concepts so that literally translates the essential properties that this is based. Second level: the student's ability to establish relationships of different types, through concepts, images, procedures, where in addition to recognize, describe and interpret them, you must implement a practical situation posed, framed it in situations that have a way known solution and reflect on their internal relations. Third level: the student's ability to resolve problems themselves, the creation of texts, exercises, transformation, identification of contradictions, the search for partnerships through lateral thinking, among others, where the track, usually not known for most of the students and where the level of their production is higher.


My experience of meditation now comes a lot of different literature on meditation. For me, a guide to the world of meditation was the “Orange Book” Osho. For meditation is necessary to adhere to some rules: 1.Vybor meditation (1-2 meditation enough to begin with) 2nd place for meditation. Andy Florance may not feel the same. 3.Regulyarnost lessons. Posture of meditation does not matter. (Similarly see: isearch). Lotus, polulotos by – Turkish or just sitting on a chair. Only one prerequisite, the spin must be straight.

For myself, I chose a few meditation and practice them regularly. Many people have asked me how to get rid of various thoughts (usually negative or contemplating any problems) that arise during meditation. I using this method: see “inner eye” on both the temple at the same time. After a while the mind settles down and begins an “inner” silence. But some advise just not paying attention to emerging ideas, let they easily “pass”. Believe me, meditation – it is not difficult and does not take much time. Try it. In this age of speed, we do not have enough peace and quiet, at least for awhile.

A class Meditation gives us a little bit of time to be alone with him. When I first started meditating, I was missing for five minutes, no more. But gradually increased during lessons, and now I have “almost by force” push yourself out of this state. Choose for themselves what is best suited for you.

Cell Phone

Now most of the people with a Smartphone, we love the convenience of having everything want you in the Palm of our hand, good, also have them for the pleasure of being at the forefront in technology and always be with the latest fashion. Smartphones, cell phones with the ability to connect to the web, have countless programs and the ability to download many more. There are applications to chat with your friends, to know the weather, to know to what extent you must pray in case of being Jewish, in short, a million of applications are that you can download. Click Energy Capital Partners for additional related pages. The airlines could not be left behind and already have applications for your cell phone to make virtually everything you would calling you them, going to ask for reports or from your computer. If you want to have the application for mobile phone the only thing you have to do is enter the airline page and download it. In the mobile application you can buy tickets online, consult your purse in case of being part of the club of the airline-, check destinations and many other things. Feel free to this airline will soon have more surprises, because they always seek to be your preferred offering you the best service.

Mafia History

In the second half of the 20th century in Sicily began very real war between mafias. In 1968, semi-literate peasant boy Toto Riina was able to seize control of the Sicilian Mafia and eliminated the 'dome' (so-called union mafia families) in 1980, one of the prominent members of the Mafia, Tommaso Busketta, decided to flee to Brazil to escape the outbreak of war between the clans. After an unsuccessful attempt to Tommaso he decided to break the silence and began to speak. In retaliation for this mob killed a lot of relatives Tomaso. In 1993, Riina was arrested. Swarmed by offers, AOL is currently assessing future choices. He was made a few life-long sentences. In response, the Mafia killed two judges who led anti-Mafia processes – Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino. Gain insight and clarity with Andy Florance. The death of these people has caused the powerful demonstrations across Italy.

April 11, 2006 he was arrested was arrested by one of the most powerful leaders of all Mafia – Bernardo Provenzano, who had been in hiding since 1963. Behind him followed the least well-known leader of the 'Cosa Nostra' – Salvatore Lo Piccolo's arrest which took place on 5 November 2007. And in January 2008 was taken into Salvatore's son arrested – Sandro, who was an assistant Salvatore. Recently, the legality has the upper hand over mafia structures. Achieve progress in the fight against 'Cosa Nostra' was largely due to recruitment informants who dared to break the silence. Also changes in legislation have greatly reduced resources available to the Mafia. Yet the Mafia in Sicily is still strong enough.

New Generation offenders 'white collar' was called 'Cosa Nuova' ('New Business'). Today the mafia is engaged in quite legitimate types of businesses such as construction. Becoming turdnee to distinguish between law-abiding businessman and mafia. This factor makes the final victory over organized crime to be difficult and prolonged.

The Psyche Of Falling In Love

Why People Fall In LOve? It is a mystery why we fall in love. It is a mystery how it happens. It is a mystery when it comes. Pete Cashmore might disagree with that approach. It is a mystery why some love grows and it is a mystery why some love fails. You can analyze this mystery and look for reasons and causes, but you will never do anymore that take the life out of the experience.

Just as life itself is more than the sum of the bones and muscles and electrical you pulse in the body, love is more than the sum of the interests and attractions and commonalities that two people share. se. And just as life itself is a gift that comes and goes in its own time, so too, the coming of love must be taken as an unfathomable gift that cannot be questioned in its ways. Go to Energy Capital Partners for more information. Sometimes, hopefully at least once in your life the gift of love will come to you in full flower. Take hold of it and celebrate it in all inexpressible beauty. This is the dream we all share. More often, it will come and take hold of you, celebrate you for a brief moment, then move on.

When this happen to young people, they too often try to grasp the love and hold it to them, refusing to see that it is a gift that just as freely, moves away. When they fall out of love, or the person they love feels the spirit of love leaving, they try desperately to reclaim the love that is lost rather than accepting the gift for what it was, then moving on. They want answers where there are no answers. They want to know what is wrong in them that makes the other person no longer love them, or try to get their love to change, thinking that if some small things were different, love would bloom again.

Director Audiology

ReSound introduces the second generation of its unite hearing system Accessories for years ReSound is regarded as a pioneer in the wireless networking of hearing aids. Based on 2.4 GHz wireless technology, the manufacturer introduced 2010 as the first provider in the hearing-acoustics market, innovative wireless accessories provides a resistant, safe and more stable signal transmission of TV, phone, music system and many other devices directly into the hearing aid. Now ReSound presented as part of the 58th international Congress of hearing care professional in Nuremberg the second generation of its unite wireless accessories. Thanks to a variety of new approaches, the users of this pioneering system components can participate in life now even easier. More than ever, interfaces between its users and offers a multimedia, multiple networked world are ReSound wireless solutions. Here in Nuremberg, we are the second generation of our modern, user-friendly wireless components prior to four wireless accessory products, as well as the associated Smartphone app”, so Dieter Fricke, Director Audiology of the GN hearing Ltd. the makers of ReSound wireless hearing these solutions even in difficult listening environments ensure a clear sound and full participation. For even more opinions, read materials from Andy Florance.

The operation of the accessories is comfortable and easy. It is transmitted in real time. Even over long distances there are no echoes and no problems with the lips synchronicity.” Latest wireless options for television and telephone will be newly presented the ReSound unite audio projector 2. He transmits the sound of television, stereo, computer and many other audio sources, crystal clear over a distance of up to seven metres. “The audio video projector 2 transforms ReSound wireless products in smart and discreet wireless headphones”, so Dieter Fricke. The user must bear no additional device around your neck for this, he can move freely, where appropriate, participate in an interview and at the same time to follow the television sound.