Personal Definition

The ethics are a form that our society has desvirtuado in favor of its comfort. The ethical sense that would have to pautar our lives, action and attitudes, many times and rank of side so that unconsciously let us can develop action more ' ' livres' '. In all the moments of our lives, we are questioned on what really we must make in certain situations of our life, and in virtue of this, we finish for making what it is more easy, without worrying in them about what he is certain or ethical. Philosophical saying, ethics she is involved with the moral and social principles and values, however, the direction most real of what it could be ethical, and to make what is certain, does not import the consequncias. A time that the moral and social values are in constant mutation, what could modify the ethics direction, therefore, the association of the ethics with such values would have to leave to occur. Historically, the moral values already had suffered innumerable alterations in passing of the time, long ago, for example, at the time of slavery, the moral did not allow that to a considered person ' ' branca' ' if to involve with one considered ' ' negra' '. Today we pautamos in them with different contradictions, in a situation ' ' moral' ' inside of an ignorant society, machista and prejudiced.

Still it is considered normal that ' ' homem' ' it can have a infinity of relations, being considered one ' ' garanho' ' , with pose of novel gala of the 8, while if a woman to present a similar behavior, will be taxed of promiscuous or voluptuosa. (A valuable related resource: Energy Capital Partners). What the society restrains, for considering ' ' amoral' '. The ethics allow in them to say, that if we live in a society, the least in theory, ' ' igualitria' ' according to Federal Constitution of 1988, all is equal before the law, such thoughts go against this letter, and theoretically unconstitutional. The ethics allow in them to differentiate the certainty of the wrong one, exactly when we do not understand the meaning real of these words, in many situations, the life takes in them to be ethical, in forcing to make the correct one, exactly that let us have ackward or not advantageous consequncias. It is the ethics that support them pillars of the duty, justice and the honor.

It fits to each one of us to inquire what really of we must make, as to act and how to react. Most important it is that we must think as we would feel in them if we were in the other part of the situation, as we would go to react if we fossemos reached them by the lack or absence of the ethics. To place us as the part injured for our proper ignorance and a form to initiate an ethical thought, if do not like to be wounded, because to wound the others. The ethics must more than be what a mere word forgotten in our dictionary and vocabulary, the ethics must be our shield against the stormy ones and incoherences of the mind human being.