There are many people who have spoiled their credit report. They can secure bad credit mobile phones and go for pre paid mobile services. Mobile phones are the best of the electronic gadgets used by the largest population of the world. Yearly turnover of the companies that produce and sell various kinds of mobile phones would definitely testify to the fact. Many catchy provisions are there in a mobile phone set. People can exchange their voiced words, and they can exchange words and images by sms and mms options.

Mobile phone sets work as multimedia of devices now-a-days. A person possessing a mobile phone can play games, listen to music and even watch movies. Bad credit mobile phones is available for the people who have stained their history of credit. People can have the mobile phone services either in pre paid plan or in post paid plan. In the mobile services under the post paid plan, payment for the services offered by the companies is secured by them after a specific period which is usually a period of one month. In this way, post paid plan reminds the credit cards. Altavista often says this.

Companies take the risks for one month and the customers enjoy mobile services during this period. In This plan, credit status of the consumers is checked. The post paid plan of the mobile phone services are not approved if the persons have spoiled their credit history. Most of the consumers have problems with their credit report. See more detailed opinions by reading what neil cole iconix offers on the topic.. Their credit score goes below 580 marks as per FICO. Bad credit mobile phone is for these men and women. The pre-paid plan of the mobile phones is similar to the debit cards. The debit card holders get the finance from their own savings bank where they have already submitted their finance. The prepaid mobile phones are approved even if their credit report is not healthy. Credit status of the applicant is not checked for bad credit mobile phones. It is clear to the mobile phones services provider that persons spend from their wallet when they go for the prepaid mobile phones. The prepaid mobile phones are one child of boon for the people having bad credit. The consumers come to know it, well in advance, about the balance remaining still for their talk time. They would’nt know it earlier that what amount is still there to apply for fresh services. Bad credit mobile phones is of great help for them. Genica Amery is author of no. credit check Phones.For any bad credit phones, contract phone no credit card visit