Registration Action

– Calculation of planned and actual cost of the finished product. * Monitoring: – Monitoring the demand for raw materials, consumables materials and equipment. – Control and payroll for the execution orders teams or individual performers. – Control of exceeding the planned cost or cost of raw materials. * Analysis: – Analysis of performance tasks on production and intermediate inputs. – Calculation and projected production and raw materials, taking into account the estimated cash balances at the output. – Forecast your costs based on projected prices for raw materials.

– Dynamic analysis of output, consumption of raw materials, production costs. * Planning: – Formation of the production schedule. – Calculation of requirements equipment, materials and supplies. – Planning for the direct and indirect costs, including the departments of enterprises. Stocks and purchases. * Accounting: – Inventory reserves – products, raw materials, products, materials, means of production. In different gauges – the units, packaging, weight, volume and displacement.

At several stores, places to address storage subsystem in warehouse logistics. – Consideration of stored production facilities for parties in the sections of suppliers sections accounting, manufacturers, countries of origin. – Maintain database of suppliers, agents, procurement and customer contact points. – Registration Action for Cooperation with suppliers or intermediaries. – Registration, storage in including in electronic form contracts with customers (suppliers, customers, providers). – Accounting for purchases and sales in the context of suppliers, product lines, orders nomenclature. – Making all the accompanying documentation (receipt / expenditure bill, documents the movement between warehouses and inventory write-off acts, and so on).