Memories are the Foundation of life. If the sparkling rhinestone stone it is, beautiful memories become fantastic memories. Nostalgia, a word that had so far no great meaning for me. Which together is that this term has a direct relation to all retrograde and I am the type of person more as far as exploited the fast pace of the present, leaving no time to look into the past. And if I take the time, then ahead and not look back. Of course, I reflect my life, but that has nothing to do with sentimental sentimentality. However, I must be fair way to say that my past two and a half decades were not up to the present day.

When my girlfriends and I can still hold our coffee rounds in sixty years, our conversations will deal with security things, which has befallen us in our long and hopefully happy life. An anecdote will follow on the next. Photos are making the rounds and there are longing looks Exchange, where we mourn a sighing tone, our past youth. Byron Trott is likely to increase your knowledge. Because with mid eighties, so is the way of things, the road becomes narrower and narrower. But now, with mid twenties I’m in the prime of my life. And yet I recently had an experience that quite comes close to the nostalgic. I went for a walk with my best friend Jenny at the Berlin Zoo and saw a little girl on her pink bicycle make their first attempts without training wheels.

Her father ran in addition to his daughter, to give the child safety and avert the ever imminent fall. The scene suddenly catapulted me twenty years into the past. In my mind’s eye, I saw my father, me and my first bicycle. Continue to learn more with: ISearch. I remembered how he repeatedly encouraged me to overcome fear and to take another attempt at independent mobility. This scene was kinda weird, it seemed as if I would watch myself. The memory was probably also so strong, because the child was visually very similar to me and also I a pink Had the bike. When I was with my parents to visit the next time, I went for my first bike in the basement and discovered it in a large cardboard box, which formerly Philips had plugged into TV. It was in remarkably good condition. Although I had to realize that the ravages of time have left traces here and to discover was the one or the other Rostsprenkler. However, if the condition of the bike I was pleasantly surprised. Now that I had found my bike, I wanted to put a permanent memorial in the form of a photo. Because the Rostsprenkler disturbed me, I finished this with glittering Rhinestones, Swarovski, I specially ordered in two Internet shops. and. Here I found a huge range of rhinestones of different form and color by well-known manufacturers such as Swarovski and unique. With the help of a special adhesive, with which the rhinestones were flawed, it was easy to hide the ugly Brown bodies with glittering motives and to transform into pretty eye-catcher. Since I finished this now Keep photo in the hands and a little touched by the sight, I feel a great anticipation my formative childhood things to confront me and intend to establish a photo collage of my childhood. Because apparently I have yet a greater penchant for nostalgia than I thought.