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June and July
Hurricane Dennis in Florida playing ground
On June 9, nearly two months prior to the 2004 season, Tropical Storm Arlene (2005) was formed in the western Caribbean, across Cuba before touching down in Florida 11. The harm caused was moderate, while a swimmer is drowning in Miami Beach.
Hurricane Emily near their point of maximum intensity
Tropical Storm Bret (2005) was formed in the Bay of Campeche on June 21 touching land in Veracruz the next day. To read more click here: Samsung. Damage hundreds of homes and caused flooding that killed two people.
Hurricane Cindy (2005) was formed in the Gulf of Mexico on July 4. Made landfall in Louisiana as a Hurricane 5 lower. Caused precipitation of 130 mm, its floods killed three people.
Hurricane Dennis (2005) was formed in the eastern Caribbean, Grenada intensify even crossed category 4 hurricane, the strongest recorded in July with a pressure of 930 mbar. Cuba hit with its full force, eventually touching down in Florida. Killed 89 people (mostly in Haiti), causing 4 to 6 billion dollars in Cuba and the United States.
Shortly afterwards, Hurricane Emily (2005) was formed in the Atlantic on July 11. Entered the Caribbean, quickly intensifying to a Category 4 hurricane, breaking the record of Dennis when the pressure reached 929 mbar. Emily went for a short time a category 5 hurricane, crossing the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico to hit as a Category 3 Hurricane. 14 people killed and economic damage is 400 million.
Tropical Storm Franklin (2005) was formed in The Bahamas. Moved toward the East Coast and headed to Canada without having threatened land.
Tropical Storm Gert (2005) Veracruz golpeo few days after Emily. 1000 people were evacuated but no deaths or injuries were reported.
The Eye of Katrina seen from an airplane cazahuracanes
Since July, August was fast start. Tropical Storm Harvey formed in Bermuda on August 3, leaving rain in its passage through the northeast. It became extratropical on August 8 in the open ocean.
Hurricane Irene (2005) was formed in the western Cape Verde Islands on August 4. the system moved eastward, reaching the category of hurricane until the 14th, reached by a short period of time the force of a Category 2 hurricane. It moved northeast becoming extratropical 18. Learn more at this site: Samsung. Never threatened land.
Tropical Depression Ten was formed in the Lesser Antilles on August 13, dissipating the following day. And their remnants contribute to the formation of Hurricane Katrina.
Tropical Storm Jose (2005) was formed in the Bay of Campeche on August 22. It quickly strengthened, but it reached the coast and made landfall in Veracruz on August 23, without further strengthened. Jose forced to evacuate 25,000 people and killed 6 people in Oaxaca, two more were reported missing. The economic damage was 45 million dollars.
Hurricane Katrina formed in the middle of August in the Bahamas. It became a tropical storm on August 24 and reached the level of hurricane just before landfall in Florida. Hours later went to the Gulf of Mexico and intensified to a Category 5 hurricane. 29 made landfall near the mouth of the Mississippi River as a huge Category 3 hurricane, causing extensive damage in coastal Louisiana, flooding 80 of New Orleans. The hurricane caused economic losses of 81.2 billion dollars, the most expensive in the United States, killed 1836 people, the more terrible from the Okeechobee Hurricane in 1928.
Tropical Storm Lee was formed in the Atlantic on August 31 he was appointed the system’s weakest season, but dissipate after several days without having touched the ground.
Hurricane Ophelia near the coast of North Carolina
Hurricane Maria (2005) was the first of September, formed as a tropical storm east of the Leeward Islands on September 2. Reached its peak on September 5 as a Category 3 Hurricane. It moved northeast becoming extrtropical 10. But Norway was strengthened by striking a person killed in a mudslide.
Hurricane Nate (2005) was formed southwest of Bermuda on September 5 moving northeast hurricane strengthened to a Category 1. It became extratropical on 10, the storm never made landfall, although it interfered with Canadian ships came to help those affected by Katrina.
Hurricane Ophelia (2005) was formed as a tropical depression in the Bahamas on September 6 and immediately made landfall in Grand Bahama. Became a tropical storm on the coast of Florida before strengthening to a Category 1 Hurricane beating the North Carolina coast with heavy rains on 12 and 13. This web page contains information for the public in English on Hurricane … Security Tiempo: Huracanes … WeatherRadio NOAA (NWR) …
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