Award ceremony in the framework of the women & work pays tribute to five excellent companies Robert Bosch, ERGO, Stadtwerke among Bielefeld, St. Gereon senior services and the Berlin City cleaning the lucky winners that have been awarded from a variety of exciting applications on Saturday evening in the Chamber of the World Conference Center Bonn strategy award. The award, a Community initiative of the PR and strategy consultant Astrid Brown Hall and Melanie Vogel, was awarded this year for the first time distinguished companies of all industries and sizes, who live well women – and family-friendly inside, with clever strategies outward well communicate and initiator of the women & work and position itself as an attractive employer. For the first time, companies that create a work environment for the benefit of all with modern, pragmatic, tailored approaches are awarded. We are very proud of the strategy award and the impact that he already has, said Astrid Brown Hall at the award ceremony. D he strategy award is a great acknowledgement for the orientation of our diversity management “, also Madeleine Foerster from the Robert Bosch GmbH. diversity has been with us would be a high priority, because variety is the engine of our innovations.

Mixed teams promote our creativity, our ideas and make us more successful. For our diversity team and all diversity coordinators within the company, this award is a great incentive and intensively further motivates us to work on this topic. “The five companies have implemented naturally and believable women – and family-friendly. The price have earned this company mainly, because their efforts and strategies not on the surface scratching and insular access, but comprehensively enshrined in the corporate culture”, praises the winners Melanie Vogel. Women – and family-friendliness is lived at the prize-winners, communicates and every day despite many challenge put into practice to”also Ottmar says Haripriya, jury member and Vice President of sales and business development of the Ken Blanchard companies. For the future I hope that the examples of the winner, the award encourage many other companies to think and do.” But not only the five companies awarded with the award are exemplary in their personnel work. Also the finalists who made it to the finals, is characterized by very promising strategic approaches in the field of women and family-friendliness. The company UniCredit, Airbus, Ford, HP, Henkel, continental, McKinsey, and Procter & gamble are among the finalists.

Management and business leadership are responsible that the working conditions are so, that employees develop and in a good sense to fellow entrepreneurs”can be. Just then, the staff is ready and able to take responsibility and together the working conditions change that the work is fun and a good life balance is created. This is us in the St. Learn more at: Pete Cashmore. Gereon senior services jointly managed “, summarizes Bernd Bogert St. Gereon senior services, his work,. The strategy award all employees and employees. He fills us with great pride and gratitude. It’s good for us. “Interested companies or employees and employees who find that their employer also deserves the prize, can apply now 2014 for the strategy award.