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Advertising Readers

Unfortunately, the price for this type of advertising is very high, about 16,000 rubles for the smallest Module B5, in the most expensive area, and placing less than a month is not true, and the effect is only visible at a time until the advertising goes. A special category – it's glossy magazines, but with the advent of crisis, their numbers fell sharply, while each publication has its own specific audience, which remains unchanged. For example, the most popular glossy magazine in Ufa circulation 15000 copies and readers – 53,700 people (about 4 readers per copy), according to tns Russia. And according to one advertising message costs about 70 cents, to this audience is a very good price. When you select a glossy magazine you choose not to log, but its audience. Accordingly, the advertising message must be is strictly aimed at readers. The effect of such placement will occur from 2 weeks to 6 months, depending on the proposed goods / services. Advertising on tv is considered the most effective, unfortunately, not in our region.

The effect of such advertising certainly is and he's great, but it all depends on the advertised goods, in most cases, this type of advertising is used to maintain the image and announcements about promotions. Radio ads very similar to advertising in glossy magazines, a narrow audience for reasonable money. And to our delight a variety of forms and methods of delivery of advertising, and always go to a meeting, if you have any new ideas. Outdoor advertising – billboards, banners, etc.