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Stand Design

The problem of effective design – to attract specific target groups of visitors and persuade in the language of visual communication, what your particular company – the partner that they need, not just to attract a large number of random visitors! That is exactly what occurs exhibition design, it is a visual embodiment of the concept of the firm, and this holds true even when we are not talking about complex and expensive designs, but only about a poster on the wall and a table with a decomposition of the samples. All firms participating in exhibitions, or by other means, form the design of its stand. The problem is that they do not always think about it. Stand Design can be simple or complex, professional or amateurish. But it is present in every stand regardless of the wishes of companies – exhibitors! Many think that the exhibition design – a kind of high art or secret technology using 3D modeling and other know-how.

In Actually, exhibition design – is primarily a tool to enhance participation in exhibitions. Exhibition design – is the development of functional qualities stand, with the important components Good design is the visual, aesthetic appreciation of the stand, ensuring the formation of the required image of the company – the exhibitor in terms of perception of visitors. Exhibition design is fully combines three areas: architectural, interior and graphic design. Everyone, even the smallest stand is both architectural design and interior, designed in accordance with the taste of it.