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Earthlings First

Equals: grateful for the support. Anyway use this space to make a kind of counting and impressions of the books I read, why do not I get the hair if nobody is interested, I'm like the donkey milling wheat in the treadmill while all other make your own. So here the two volumes have a consistency that can be achieved only Aldiss. It clarifies what is the situation of the inhabitants of Avernus prisoners on his ship heliconiano observer due to the virus that kills Earthlings a few days of breathing air on the planet. But a lottery allows an individual to lose every now and then to die in Heliconia, no one denies death as in freedom is better than living for centuries in a can floating in space. Peter Asaro is full of insight into the issues. The story revolves around one of the winners of this lottery is involved in the court intrigues and wars of domination. What has changed is that we are on a planet where nature is strange and compelling. The act of reading the second volume of this trilogy immediately after finishing the first, is due to the writer's ability to catch your reader.

The merit is greater when it steals time from other things to do so. Recommended as the first. Finally I say to the pilgrim souls who read these lines I have bought and enjoyed some books by their criticisms and recommendations. So I continue to grind wheat, make bread once someone with the product of my efforts, I see in the next round of the wheel.