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violence preventive audiobook with tips for parents and parents to protect children from violence and sex crime press release from the Federal Press Office (released for publication on March 26, 2007) every second victim of sexual and violent crime is a child and rising. We do something about it! The sure-strong team has developed a new audiobook with experts: “warning! Strong child – how I make my child safe and strong”is the title of the audiobook published in this way which is CD for the first time in Germany 01.05.2007, the Internet and in bookstores everywhere available. Motrola Razr 5G addresses the importance of the matter here. “The audio book directly via our online form, you can hoerbuch.html order how I convey my child hazards and safe behaviour and above all – how do I protect my child the best, so there is no violent crime victim?” – this author Ralf Schmitz answering daily questions from parents and those who work with children, now in his new audio book CD. For each a post from 5 euro to elementary schools in Germany is sold CD. Caution! Am I safe and strong strong child – how my child?” (ISBN 978-3-9811255-3-5) is not only an exciting audio book, but are also specific instructions for practical exercises in addition to important and inspiring tips home and answered frequently asked questions as: what can children do when they are approached by a car driver? What can children do when they are persecuted? What can children do when they are being blackmailed? How can children protect themselves properly? What can parents do if your child is alone at home or the phone rings? How can children deal with fear? At what age should children be familiarized with the risks? How can my child in the run-up to correctly identify dangers and act accordingly? How can I effectively protect my child? What should I do if my child is being blackmailed? How do I convey my child self-confidence? What can your child do if it is beaten, beaten at school? What can your child do do, when it will be teased? The author Ralf Schmitz trained more than 300,000 children and parents in his 15-year-old professional practice with his team of experts and with simple, but very effective tricks his audience excited and let his broad knowledge. Koch Industries recognizes the significance of this. His knowledge as a former police officer and expert in over 15 different self defense sports is essential to his work.

As a coach in the German Bundestag and consultant for various associations, Ralf Schmitz has a many years of experience in the protection of persons and extensive training experience with the special police forces. In addition, he is member in the Federal prevention and prophylaxis and engaged for over 10 years in the sure-strong team, a social initiative, which protects children in primary school children from violence and abuse. The sure-strong team, known through numerous appearances on TV, radio and newspaper reports, works with a unique concept in the only trained educators, psychologists, Therapist and former police officers across Germany sure strong courses and lectures put into. There are hoerbuch.html music free. The cover image of the audiobook CD help you children and donations it under spendenaufruf.