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Israeli Rooms

Tourism in Israel – is one of the main sources of income. Therefore, tourists who came for treatment in Israel like. The main part of Israel’s population works in the hospitality industry. Staff in hotels Israel is extremely polite and helpful. Hotels of international standards and are not inferior to European hotels. As it is not surprising, but Israeli hotels are not accepted in many countries around the world classification of the stars. Therefore, the distribution Hotels in classes can be done conditionally based on the level of service that the hotel offers its guests. As we have said, many hotels in Israel and the price of staying in their rooms can vary quite greatly from hotel to hotel.

In Israel, almost any tourist with any prosperity can find a hotel to your taste and pocket. Accustomed to luxury and service class vip? Please, the most expensive hotels, like the palaces, waiting for you! If your price is not important, but essential level of service, decor and facilities of the hotel services available to the client, then Israel is enough of such hotels. Do not want to spend money especially on the hotel? Constantly changing city, and stay in hotel only to be, a place to stay and leave things at the time of day tours? Then the cheap and comfortable hotels with smaller rooms and a minimum of additional services will you be happy. Indeed, Why pay for expensive facilities, unless you plan to use the courts and gyms, already the existence of which can raise the price of accommodation? Better to spend money on trips and excursions that you may be interesting. Also in Israel, in addition to hotels you can find and space for camping, if you do not mind the lack of air conditioning and some amenities. On comfort. Almost all the hotels have air conditioning, without which these places will not do: too hot in summer, in winter the temperature drops, but the rooms are not heated. TVs in most rooms there.

Some hotels even have set a satellite dish and broadcast Russian tv Russian tourists. So if you’re used every day to watch the news or can not imagine life without heroes favorite tv series, then the rest time you will not have to change their . fridge or mini-bar? Some of the rooms they have and go into the room, some – are available for a fee. If a refrigerator is important, you can advance to ask about this. Mini-safes also are present in all the hotels and most often housed in buildings of the hotel. Catering in Israel to lift! Well-fed and variously. The only thing not serve some kind of meat and fish.