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That is leadership?Leadership: is a process in which a person influences others so that they meet a series of objectives, and directs the organization in a way that makes it more profitable. The leaders carried out this task using their leader attributes. That is, a person may be in command at a company, but that does not make it necessarily leader. It is not the same to be a boss than a leader. The Chief can achieve others to perform their tasks by obedience, money, fear of losing work, etc. While the leader get his followers to do so because they want to do. The Chief or Chief who get their workers to see it as a leader, is making them feel comfortable in his job, which find satisfaction in it, who feel part of a team (something important) and trust in their leader and his ability to direct them correctly. Be a leader? Is the person in charge of making things happen, making a work team to do what the wants them to do at the moment than the otherwise, but to arrive to be a leader, must first have in mind that have to worry first about having a team, within this team must have the best people, has to give precise instructions and with a well-defined objective.

Now has to win the confidence of all and each of the members of the team, since more confident in is more easy to achieve its goals and objectives, trust this based on commitment, when there is commitment can be what prompted. As example look at Hitler, was one of the greatest leaders in history, the moved masses of people who were committed and would do everything you asked the leader, only thing that Hitler did was to put that leadership to do good. Hitler was first commissioned to give confidence to his followers, when a person is leader first thing you should do is build trust to be able to ask for things and make are as he wants them to do. Leadership can be learned, with easy techniques and examples such as hitler’s, there are methods to be able to gain the confidence, teamwork, to perform tasks specific to, etc. If we have 7 people and these seven size that pass a river, as would you do to pass this river if you were in this group. So the seven want to put action to cross, we’d be having a problem already that all would have different ideas to cross and if each subject what thinking llegariamos to chaos. These seven one would that be the leader, this would take 7 opinions and is analizarian on computer, which took the decision that everyone thinks that it is correct, the leader must determine steps to follow and asi have order to move everyone to the other side of the river and make it better by the way. Without a leader it is difficult to reach a goal, we would be like a boat without sails in open sea. FLV know more about leadership visit greetings.