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Industrial Engineering

Thus, with respect to the RB, the theory learned (and the consequent logic) does not fit with the phenomena of the real economy. Recently, the chemistry professor at the School of Industrial Engineering and vice dean of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Gabriel Pinto, is determined to involve learning of chemistry to everyday life. Notes the need necessary to link the teaching to issues directly related to the student’s environment. The theme that comes from afar it seem, as we quote two thousand years ago, Petronius, in his book The Satyricon: “The reason why young people leave school so ignorant is because they have not understood anything contact of any use in everyday life. ” During talks in Moralzarzal (Madrid) with this teacher, my brother Gaby, said that when he called the University did not know that NH3 was referring to ammonia, which is CSO4 2H2O plaster, NClO bleach or Na2O. CO. Na2O glass.

Still arrive at their School students who do not know that not all are known as plastics, glass or window glass is not, however, the ice is. a It is sad that when many teachers described their work if asked to apply their findings are going to pay more. Joseba Arregui wrote a very interesting article which raises the debate on nationalities as a problem nominalist, in differentiating “nation” as a word or reality.