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Process Site

When in a Company the decision is taken to contract a marketing agency online in order to increase the sales through its site, it is necessary to know that any agency serious CATHEDRAL will have to fulfill a work plan that has been several months of execution generally. Who aspires to obtain immediate results, not only she will not obtain them, but she will be squandering its money. It is necessary to include/understand, then, that any effort to obtain a capitalization in the page Web is of long breath and we will have to speak in terms of semesters or years to reach the first results. The first two months usually are of diagnosis. In this stage, one becomes essential to review the situation of the site of the client: its competition, structures, content and architecture Will be necessary then to review the programming of the page, to define the niche from the market to which it is desired to point, to learn to recognize and to evaluate the competitors, and to raise realistic objectives of until where it is wanted to arrive.

On the basis of this information we will be able to obtain one first elaboration of lists of key words that will be " concepts gua" they oriented that us in the design of the action plan that finally we will execute. This means that in this stage we will collect information that will be fundamental for the next stages. We will have obtained a complete diagnosis of our site along with one first list of desamos key words where to position. In the second stage we will dedicate ourselves to create content optimized for the page. Independent of the improvements with respect to the structure of website, the main effort will concentrate in colonising from contents to the site. This is essential to obtain a good indexing on the part of Google.