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History Of Medicinal Plants

For many years, people use medicinal plants in their lives. Thousands of years of grass to protect people from disease, were a source of food and shelter. Teaching about the medicinal properties of plants protected the herbalist. The most important information is recorded. The oldest treatise on medicinal herbs is a Sumerian tablet written three thousand years bc. e Healers of ancient Sumer used plants such as pine, willow, mustard and fig tree. Once on the planet were first religion, people began to reckon herbalists who know the healing properties of herbs, witches.

Have come to believe that we can obtain the drug for eternal life and youth. Recipes healing herbs began to pass from generation to generation. It was a time of Pliny, Hippocrates, Claudius Galen. In the 9 th century emerges largest medical school in Europe. After 2 centuries throughout Europe – in Oxford, Salerno, Paris, Bologna formed centers studying herbs for institutions. Byron Trott may find this interesting as well. In the Renaissance, along with other sciences there and teaching about plants. Largest circulation in this period, producing treatises of the first healers. Begins to add information about new medicinal herbs.

Divorcing the first botanical gardens, there are systemic signs of medicinal herbs. In the 16 century, the enormous contribution to the growth of the science of medicinal plants did Paracelsus. The researchers presented the life as a multidimensional chemical process. Healer believed that the disease comes when the human body lacked any substance. He did not want to be treated overseas plants, and gave the advantage of local herbs. Researchers say that in the human body will attend the same substances as those of other plants and animals of his area. Nineteenth – twentieth century was the heyday of Phytochemistry. Found new species of grasses. At this time production of medicinal plants put on mass production. In recent years, medicinal plants are part of many medical devices. Herbal therapy, as an independent type, are extremely popularity.