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European Leaders

The European leaders believe the measures of austerity piously, as being the only solution to leave world-wide the financial crisis that appeared in 2008, in the United States, mainly, had uncontrol to it of the stock market, flexibilizao of the work market, liberalization of the finances and the markets. In my opinion, the Europe chose the missed way, therefore it is to implement the measures that are responsible for the dissemination of the crisis, nominated, in Greece, Ireland and Portugal, but other countries if stand. You that they lead the destinations of the Europe they ignore, the dissatisfaction between the young, that if has revealed in diverse countries against these politics. Until the o moment, it has not had violence, but these movements partilham a saturation feeling, that can come to result in serious social convulsions. In the day that the 100 million young Europeans, without future perspectives to leave to protest in the Facebook and the Twitter and to leave for the streets, will be in march one revolution, to look a new model of democracy through half pacific. The eurocpticos consider that projecto European failed. The measures of austerity aggravate the announced tragedy, agudizam the social inaqualities, increase the taxes, lose social supports, increase the unemployment, the families leave to have incomes to support the indebtedness and the feeling of penosidade in relation to the future is generalized. The young accustomed to the globalization, been born in the digital age perceives the necessity to fight, for new forms, of regulation of the markets, the taxes of financial transactions, the distribution most equitable of the produced wealth, reduction of the poverty, to finish with the exploration, being able installed them, but everything this, frightens the manipulators and speculators of the world-wide economy, who all control the systems and flows of capitals. Source of the article: The old Europe in the way of the abyss