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The Adversaries Of The Adolescence

The Adversaries of the Adolescence Dr. Wagner Paulon 11/2009 When entering in the adolescence we come across in them with infinite adversaries. We were in the world protected, heated and safe from infancy. Our necessities were satisfied for our parents: they were there for placing one esparadrapo in our dedo when we collided with a rock, and kissed our wet eyes of tears when something gave wrong. We played the time almost all, and the life was rose and comfortable. But it is not possible to remain forever in this world of infancy, not more than what it could continue in the womb of our mother. Source: Zendesk.

Something to our front exists better — the stimulaton of the act to grow, to become adult, to have our proper family, to gain our sustenance, to take our proper decisions, to be independent. This is the natural and necessary process for the change of infancy for the adult age. Lamentably, however, we cannot ripen suddenly. She is necessary that let us leave first our protecting world of infancy, and is exactly then that our difficulties start. It will have times where the life will beat in our back one, so to speak, in the same way it made that it before. we can until feeling that we are hung by the heels of time in when. Some new fears and problems will appear, and the world will not reveal so safe how much before. But it is an exciting world, and it will be still better to know what to wait.

With this introduction, therefore, I want to describe some of the new experiences that are give to occur. You soon will have some of the moments most emotive of its life (and some of most frightening also). To more face the infinite adversaries who the adolescents if they worry they disturb and them we suggest, the following steps: In first place, you he must make familiar itself more to its mind, its feelings, its emotions, its attitudes, its body, its hopes and dreams. In according to place, to inquire itself constantly, who you is, for where you go, as to arrive there, and with the things that probably will have to face in the coming years. We go to face these points of front: nothing it will be considered sensible or delicate excessively to argue, since that it is important for those of vocs that have between twelve and twenty years. When reading this article, I long for that it makes with that they desire to argue the subject with somebody in who trust. That this is only the start; it starts to make its proper questions, to express its proper concerns, and to make of the growth a very personal phase in its life.

Cat Breeds

Welcome to the wonderful world of Scottish Fold, British and Canadian breeds of cats! In Ancient Rome, Greece and especially in Egypt belonged to the cat among the gods that people worship, whom they revered. Days are gone, changed times, but still the cat remains one of the most mysterious creatures. They magically chained to our attention and fascinate manners and grace. Gentle purring kitten calms us in the evenings and helps sleep. When we are sad, they invite us to play, lifting us up. Robotics recognizes the significance of this. Subtle psychological sense cat is still a mystery to many scientists, to solve that hardly ever fail.

We can only take your dog and make him with us as comfortable, safe and fun. Nurseries 'Scarlet sails' (Scarlet Sails) and 'Marisa' – one of those places where cats are not only the care and warmth, but also have the opportunity to find for a house and new owners. Our site is Kennels Scottish Fold, British and Canadian breeds. Here you will find many interesting and useful information about how to properly care for the kittens, than their to feed, how do you know what hurts the kitten and how to understand that he wants to tell you your furry friend. Our dogs have excellent pedigrees and high-exhibition evaluation, they grow up in a family environment in an atmosphere of love and caring. Nursery 'Marisa' is the most mysterious creatures, hairless cats of breed the Canadian sphynx! On pages Sphynx cattery you can find interesting information about bald hairless naked cats of breed the Canadian Sphinx, learn the history of the origin of cats of breed the Canadian sphynx, find articles about the Sphynx, maintenance and care for cats and naked hairless sphynx kittens, standard and physiology of the Sphynx, get advice on caring for sphynx, photos of kittens and adult Sphynx Sphynx of our kennel. Nursery 'Scarlet sails' has been breeding cats breeds: British Shorthair and Scottish (and Scottish Fold Scottish straights; Highland Fold Highland and straights), colors: silver tabby (marble and spotted) tabby without silver, smoke, solid-color (black, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream), color-point. Pets in our house full members of the family and kept in decent conditions. Excellent education, good immunity, excellent food, quiet psychological climate – it is important that we can offer you in addition to the thoroughbred kitten.

Sviatoslav Letsko

I guess everyone has a number of needs, without which happiness is impossible to feel. Someone needs freedom to move, someone safety or permanent adrenaline. But each of us to be happy we need two thing: be yourself and find your soul mate, which in this space-time becomes part of you. It’s funny how couples are trying to change each other, to reshape their entire essence and nature. Trying to adjust the rights for themselves, to fit your needs.

“Do not want to change? So, you’re hurting me, go away. ” But you can not change myself and be happy with. Mikkel Svane will not settle for partial explanations. Be yourself, be in harmony with their choices, their lives and their inner world – it sense, the magnificence of which it is impossible to convey in words. However, if forgetting the importance of this tale of unity, we are constantly trying something out of each other to fashion. But it’s actually very simple. Relationship will be just magic, if you can be yourself and still be together.

This does not mean that the chosen one must be from the same field of berry that you do. Just her beliefs, lifestyle, world view, its activities must not conflict with your needs, your vision of life together. If the same right for your pair, you will find a wonderful life without the merciless attempts to convert each other. This does not mean that you are destined to leave due to the fact that in its essence close the tube with toothpaste, and your – keep it open. If this is for you is not so important, you will find a compromise. But if that tube is hidden Your way, your happiness, your inspiration and self-fulfillment, the joy in this joint stay you will not find.

Advice Person

Some years behind I was knowing of a truthful event happened with a child (girl) very next me: one day it arrived the school with its coast all hurt, for burnings with cigarette tips, and the author of such violence was its proper mother and its stepfather; the reason, according to child: she was because it left to enter strange people in its barraco and this person all took the milk that even had in the house leaving irmozinho lesser of the girl without milk for its baby’s bottle; as if it was the culprit of the person not to hear to ask for it so that she did not take milk all. When knowing of the occurrence the school set in motion the Advice To tutor and this mother was denounced and lost the guard of the child provisorily who was liveing with its godmother for some time until its situation if decided. Children who do not want to go for the school (mainly when are the first time) arrive until apanhar therefore: already I witnessed cases where the child was with the hands sweating cold and crying very, because she did not want to be in the school, but finished being, exactly pressured, because wise person that its mother took in one sacolinha plastic a belt and case it was not would apanharia there same. Kai-Fu Lee is a great source of information. What we will be able to make so that these situations, if not to stop to happen, at least diminish. One of the solutions is awareness campaigns with adults so that they more accept the losses ocorrridas in its life of way tranquila and objective and not so violently. How much the children must themselves be known that they must have limits since small, to know that &#039 exists; ' sim' ' , but also &#039 exists; ' no' '..


Always one of the very significant issues of any kind, including ours, are souvenirs. Is realistic to ask the question: at what scared is this complexity, when souvenirs – it's so cool. Yet after all is not always. And in principle – this task is not so much for the man. Sometimes the animals are often brought as a gift to one another, for example, something pleasant to the taste. And the souvenir can be like receiving a gift, and may – seem improper or unnecessary.

And in this case correctly selected souvenir will definitely help to improve not only the relationship with a citizen – but in general in the workplace. Since the present lot has the opportunity to tell about a person. Some people can only choose gift formally. Yet the formal gifts are not necessarily functional. Often the gifts, which are chosen solely to "mark", can produce the worst feeling.

And indicate the absence of elementary respect. Thus the cost for a tick to make presents negligible. A gift can be a sudden or a cheap or very expensive for example – If the gift is not embedded in the human soul, the price does not matter. Gifts are sometimes quite different. But one single clear: the Internet gift shop – this is very important. Today, the number of gift shops continuously increasing. Experts advise selecting gifts for the birth, hair color hero for the day or other characteristics. After all, it is important to choose a really good, and in the best option – at the same time unusual gift. Of course, the easiest to pick souvenirs to fans of something. Here, in any case, there is no need to think that actually pick up: the object of the gathering is known. And even if a similar piece in the collection even appeared, the collector can change it in the subject area for anything, what a collector is not yet available. Comfortable only if the assembly is just beginning to direct their own existence. The object is already familiar, and exhibits in the assembly's not that much. But what to do when the birthday boy just does not able to get involved in outstanding? That's when really need help of professionals. But, of course, you can begin ask specifically hero for the day, whatever he wanted, but nevertheless a surprise, with such a wonderful Nezhdanoff can be lost. In such an embodiment, and will need to come up with something extraordinary. No, of course, possible limited and traditional gifts. For example, for the fair sex of course will be relevant plants and perfumes (if you know the taste). And for a colleague or boss you can pick up a gift pens. May begin to use are gaining popularity with special certificates, by deploying hero of the occasion which has the ability to order a souvenir for himself before the refined value. At the same time the most valuable – Always remember that the best souvenir – it's just a positive feeling for the person responsible for the celebration. A selection of souvenir – a way to reflect only a selection of good will.

Wedding Industry

Long hairstyle can also be decorated with a few thin braids. Always in vogue long flowing hair with flowing curls framing the face. However, long hair raised up, highlight the beauty and grace behind the neck. Have you always dreamed of long hair? Wedding – day must be performed any of your whims. So for this occasion and hair can build up.

Increased locks are held from 3 to 6 months and look very impressive. Short hair should be laid in a wave or "babetku" with fleece on the back in retro. Or negligently vzeroshivaem hair and fix her hair with glitter paint. Short wedding hairstyles for brides are slim. If you have short hair, think about what kind of styling you choose that day. Your hair can be put in the form of flowers or just to decorate their living or silk flowers, which live on almost the same.

Flowers have to with anything in harmony in your dress or suit to the groom: a bunch of the bride, your jewelry, with his boutonniere, with overall color scheme of your dress, etc. Experts note that today's fashion casual chic, or, conversely, the Japanese self-restraint. But in fact, brides law was not written, and in an exceptional day as the wedding should not wear what is fashionable and what is right for you. Perhaps it is a glamorous hairstyle 30th you will be irresistible, and for that you do not need any new beauty industry. For week before the celebration is better to arrange a rehearsal, making her hair and dress examples.

Wedding Trip: Choice And Car Decoration

In the process of organizing a wedding can not forget about this part of it is traditional as a wedding tour. Registration of marriage keeps the newlyweds in a great emotional stress. If you then immediately go to the banquet, where he to follow a certain etiquette to take wedding greetings, reply to them, etc. – in the young may just happen a nervous breakdown. To the young husband and wife, a little breath, a little accustomed to his new position, and gets a small wedding trip. It attracts young and yet so that they can show off in their magnificent costumes, as they term – just one day.

The bride and groom go to places that are dear to them or something attractive out of the car – and all admire them. Strangers smile and greet. It's uplifting. Itinerary in advance newlyweds devise themselves. On a trip accompanied by the young witnesses. C you can grab a champagne, fruit and sandwiches. All this was also taken care of the organizers of the wedding. Should not delay the trip because the guests have certainly begun to gather.

Caring for a good mood on the young is witnesses. Although the wedding is not necessarily accomplished walk in the car (recently, for example, to order a real horse carriage wedding and even a wedding procession), one must admit that was a very high standard and remains a limousine. Limousine (from the name of the French region of Limousin) – the name of the car body in which a rigid glass partition separating the front seat of the cabin.