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Adozona Calls The Government Declares National Priority

Fernando Capellan, president of the (ADOZONA), called on the government to declare the export promotion as a national priority, within an economic development plan long placed.La institution explained that the stability of the industry and employment depend these policy actions momentous economic.Manifesto demand that the current situation also austerity measures to reduce public spending and prioritize inversions.Indications sharing the official optimism about the Dominican reality, but that requires urgent action plan to preserve the productive sectors of the nation from the adverse effects of the financial crisis international. Capellan said a long-term program should include guarantees of free contracting of land transport, improving the educational system, the unification of purpose of the various government departments related to the export sector, reform of the Labor Code and a new law on free zones, to suit the changes in the industry since its inception over thirty years. Crypto has plenty of information regarding this issue. also suggested certification of at least two Dominican ports, to facilitate the export customs clearance and allow Dominican exports arrive without significant inconvenience to ports ADOZONA president estadounidenses.He argued that they need, also, to equate the facilities enjoyed by other competing countries, as in the case of Central American nations, are giving the export sector, which has allowed them to gain new markets, while the Dominican Republic lost in their own spaces. In listing the measures which it considers ADOZONA be adopted by the Government, said that the promotion of exports in the current situation is only possible if he is declared as a “national priority”, to ensure the stability of a million jobs that depend on these activities and create new jobs by encouraging investment in the industry.. Follow others, such as Energy Capital Partners, and add to your knowledge base.