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For example: you can buy an elephant in a shop “elephant”. Our elephants – Elephants are the best in the world. They were bought in the very hot and wild point of Africa and brought us into the city quite a long time Several paragraphs with key words will suffice. After you insert the picture. But do not forget to make every Alt text. After all, the picture also indexed by search engines.

But not necessarily to optimize each page. This You can do 1:5, where 5 – regular posts. In the early launch of your site try to add 3-5 news daily. Over time, leave on a news day. And do not forget to add.

After the visitors began to come, we can earn! To start earning on entertainment sites, there are several ways, chief among them – teaser ads. This block images and text advertising entertainment. You get money each time someone clicks on the ad. One such service teasernet.ru. When installing the teasers on the site try to place them in a conspicuous place, but so that they are not blisters visitors eyes. For example, in a single column menu, and under each account at the end of the page. Site under the headline teasers better not to put – in a place they are very distracting. When the income will go first, do not rush to remove them from the wallets and spend at your pleasure. It is better to spend it wisely, then the money will bring you new and will be repaid many times over! Buy a few links to the site. Kai-Fu Lee has compatible beliefs. And so every time you receive money. In this scenario, your life will start to rise significantly, and greatly increased attendance. Continue to actively buy new references to the time until your tic reaches 300-400. To purchase links have special services. For example, Exchange links Sape.ru or service promotion blogs Blogun.ru. After that, your site will be tens of thousands of visitors a day, and eventually hundreds. With such an attendance of your earnings start to grow before our eyes. But in any case, do not stop there. Just keep adding at least piece of news a day and buy some links on a monthly basis. Once your website is a great attendance, you can sell space for banners. And believe me, pay for them will not in the hundreds:). Just hang banners of their affiliate programs. On this you can earn. Well these are affiliate programs, like games for mobile phones, CDs, and books on weight loss and seduction, etc. Sell links on the exchange. For example, Sape.ru. There you be able to get a few hundred to several thousand dollars a month. It all depends on how much promoted your resource. But never under any circumstances, earn popups and sites with pornography, which suddenly opened before the eyes of users. It is very discouraged visitors. Do not forget to subscribe to the rss (news feed). So you can constantly remind yourself. Those who signed it, and come letters with updates on your site.

Sell Your Opinion

Many may remember that in stores, at subway stations, and just on the streets they approached by people asking them to answer a few questions about a particular product or event, instead of also offering some souvenir. This is one of types of sociological research (let’s call it a street or field). But it goes for them, and a more profitable and interesting surveys – focus groups. First, a little theory. Sots.oprosy conduct market research Centers commissioned by companies wishing to launch a new product, no matter what, it could be any product or service. Research topics can range from condoms to the car. Such surveys are usually in the format focus groups, with the participation of 7.8 respondents (that is the respondent) and lead (querist).

Respondents in the group are selected according to certain criteria, depending on the topic: sex, age, profession. From the respondent you only need to express their attitude to a particular product, no one to argue with you or would not say that you are wrong. In the focus groups, the principle – how many people so many opinions. Usually, such conversations usually last from 30 minutes Up to 3 hours, after which you will immediately receive a fee which ranges from 150-1500 rubles. True, there are exceptions, for example, if you are the owner of a new foreign cars, the amount of compensation could reach, and 5000 rubles, all again depends on theme. Apart from the focus groups including paid opinion poll are: 1.

Interview. The conversation between the respondent and the lead is a tete-a-tete. Payment for this poll is very worthy. I recently had a 20 minute paid 1300r. 2. Home visit (home visit). This when the lead comes to your guests. These are not held frequently. 3. Hall-test (Hall-test). Participated only once. A group of 7 people for 10 minutes gone in three different rooms and sniffed the smell of tobacco, then filled in the questionnaires. Generally, this test product, as I understand it. Go tell about negative of such earnings. Once you’ve visited in the survey research center, the next time you can come back only after 6 months. But the benefit of such centers a lot. If you’ve never participated in anything like that, but would like to try to earn extra money on this, then you might want to read the following. Step 1 st: We are looking in the internet ad recruiters (those who employ people in surveys). Choose those ad, where you are coming by sex and age. Step 2: nd. Calls and written. Recruiter, as a person financially interested (they receive money for each respondent), tells you about the research topic and provide recommendations as to fill out a questionnaire to get to the group. Step the third. We arrived at the appointed place on time, fill the form in accordance with the recommendations of the recruiter. We rent and wait until it will analyze. In the “worst” case, you fail in the focus group, but you still pay compensation equal to approximately 50% of the amount promised for the poll. Is it bad to get 500 rubles for 10 ticks in the questionnaire. Step 4: th. If you have a group, then sit back and enjoy the fellowship, wait a reward. I go to the polls for nearly 5 years and so I can give some useful advice from him. 1. Do not be afraid of the fact that you do not understand. I went to the poll on a platinum credit cards American Express, though in my life I have never was normal. Was on “credits”, which in life he took. The main thing to prepare, read on the Internet material on the desired topics. There is only one exception – polls on cigarettes, if you do not smoke, do not go better. 2. The questionnaire in paragraph “does not work if your relatives or friends in the following sectors: advertising, pr, marketing, media and others” always put a tick – any of this. Otherwise we will not pass. 3. If you are just starting to attend paid for in polls, in no case do not go in the “head” branch research centers. Since many research companies have a center, with whom they share information about respondents. And if you will, I’m alone times, once at home, then you will make to the base, and 6 months may not be able to visit any branch of the company. Ask recruiters about it, they should be aware of. 4. Always boldly go to the “no basis”. It’s the same focus group, but its members “Does not punch” on the basis of the respondents to participate in other surveys.