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Suret Dishes

It is made of horse meat are such typical Kazakh national cuisine products, as kazi, maps a, and others shuzhuk names of most meat dishes are not related to the composition of raw materials or method of preparation, but with the name of the parts that are in accordance with national traditions is cut usually horse carcass. Such kabyrga, Tostik, zhanbaz, stings, Zay, kazi, Suret-o, etc. beldeme Pasta dishes – a variety of cakes, bread similar to Uzbek cuisine, but is usually flavored with more onions or wild garlic, as well as Uzbek, are called nan, and a variety of shapes and types of dishes, which they bake: cauldron zhanpay nan (flat cake to fit the boiler), tab-nan (the tab from the frying pan). The dishes borrowed Kazakhs of the Uzbeks, Dungan, Uighur, Russian, Ukrainian and other nations, usually remain in the Kazakh language their national title. Such samsa, manta rays, em-Khoshali, May-Khoshali, Montparnasse, borscht and other modern Kazakh table, of course, not confined to the national cuisine. It is much more diverse in composition of products, as well as meat includes fish, vegetables, various cereals, fruits, canned foods, but this does not mean that the Kazakh national cuisine can not be produced original and relatively diverse dinner. The traditional Kazakh dinner party unique. It begins with kumiss, followed by tea with cream, served raisins, nuts, dried cheese and baursaks (small balls of fried pastry). After this introduction, followed by various snacks made from horse meat – smoked, polusolenye, boiled (kazi, shuzhuk, stings, Zhai, Suret-o, card), as well as an appetizer of lamb – or kabyrga bauyr-kuyryk (A combination of horse meat and mutton leaver under the yogurt sauce).