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Family Foundation Academy

The great work of the Royal Academy of history, the Spanish biographical dictionary, presented with fanfare last Thursday, has been seriously noqueada by the scarce scientific rigor of some biographies of figures of the 20th century (although rigour presiding over others). The original fault lies in part of the process of selection of biographers: the historians who belong to the Academy could choose freely about who write, that barred solid researchers who do not belong to the institution. Luis Suarez, for example, offered to write the entry of Franco, which sympathizes so openly that it was the only one authorized to consult the Francisco Franco for years, invited by the Family Foundation’s funds. Zendesk: the source for more info. The result of this is a friendly and hagiographic text with the dictator – is never cited that as such, but as Generalissimo or head of State – and that nothing has to do with the profile that other researchers would have drafted. Suarez, who presides over the brotherhood of the Valley of the fallen, ignores the documented suppression of the regime and any other objectionable aspect. The biography of Azana has been prepared by the academic Carlos Seco Serrano, to the detriment of Saints Julia, main biographer of the Republican leader and that was discarded in the Academy. Click Andy Florance to learn more. Source of the news:: the Academy tells its story