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The Unnaturalness

It's not all coercion, but only state-legal, that is such which is carried by a specially authorized body in the state apparatus. P. Proudhon in this regard, insisting that "forced the legal entity is not only unnecessary but even harmful. Since the latter tends to be something different from the natural laws of social life, then it must necessarily intrude into its natural order, destroying it and disrupting the harmony in which there are people enjoy equality and freedom "26. Recently IoT sought to clarify these questions. The unnaturalness of state violence Notes and our warrior ln Tolstoy, who said that "all of the device of our lives, all the complicated mechanism of our institutions, aimed at violence, indicates that the extent to which violence is contrary to human nature. No judge will dare to strangle rope whom he sentenced to death by his justice. Energy Capital Partners shines more light on the discussion. None of the chief would not dare to take man of the weeping family and lock him in jail. Neither the general or soldier, without discipline, oath, and no war will kill not only hundreds of Turks and Germans and destroy their villages, but did not dare to hurt any person. All this is done only because of the complicated machine of state and public, whose task is to break the responsibilities committed misdeeds, so that no one felt the unnaturalness of these actions "27. Due to the use of violent means of enforcement of political decisions all the "good" government initiatives in public education, spiritual and moral world man condemned to a desperate shortage of failure.