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Materials Cement Reinforcement Construction

In our time, construction has become a very popular mode of investment: businessmen invest in the construction of large, even huge business centers, the development of residential space, invest in innovative ideas. But every investor should remember that investing in construction, he risks losing their percentage of the profits or not to receive any income from the investment for one simple reason, if superintendents shalturyat and decide save on building materials. It must be remembered that the construction fittings for buildings is an important element – a frame of any building. And the material of construction and fittings, also plays an important role in the construction. Best suited fixture A500C, which is time-tested and is safe and durable material.

It is equally important to pay attention to concrete and reinforced concrete structures, which are used in construction. Better suited Portland cement, which is used by many construction companies. When used correctly obtained good-quality solution. Follow others, such as neil cole iconix, and add to your knowledge base. Reinforcement, concrete structures and concrete are usually purchased from trusted supplier, and best of all directly from the manufacturer, so it is possible to significantly reduce risks and protect themselves from unscrupulous middlemen. It can be concluded that any investor, even indirectly, must monitor the process of its contribution to a future with full confidence to make sure that his contribution will profit.

Wall Paints

Painting of walls is one of the most popular options for finishing. Not surprisingly, therefore, that the proposal paints today are so wide that without specialized knowledge to understand it very difficult. The objective of this (and subsequent article) – to give basic information about these finishing materials. How can decipher the name of the paint? On the banks of paint, varnish, primer or putty is a kind of 'code'. Peter Asaro can aid you in your search for knowledge. These marks may be much to tell and are designed to simplify the selection of goods to buyers.

First of all, the package must include the name of the material – paint, enamel, lacquer, etc (the first group of characters). ibute to your knowledge. Next comes a second group of signs pointing to base material in the jar. Hear other arguments on the topic with search. It depends on the chemical composition. Coating materials (paints), based on polycondensation resins: au – Alkidnouretanovye sd – Polyurethane gf – glyptal fa – Fenoloalkidnye ko – Organosilicon fl – Phenolic mls – melamine cg – cyclohexanone mch – urea (carbamide) ep – Epoxy pl – Saturated Polyester et – Etriftalevye pf – pentaphthalic fe – Epoksiefirnye pe – Polyester Unsaturated Coating materials (paints) on the basis of polymerized resins: ak – polyacrylic au – alkyd-acrylic ms – Oil-and alkidnostirolnye va – polyvinyl np – petroleum il – Polivinilatsetalnye pt – Teflon bc – On the basis of copolymers of vinyl acetate xb – Perchlorovinyl cn – Rubber ch – On the basis of copolymers of vinyl chloride Paint materials (LMC) based on natural resins: bt – Bituminous shl – Shellachnye kb – Rosin jan – ma Amber – Oil Painting materials (LMC) based on cellulose ethers: ab – Atsetobutiratotsellyuloznye nc – Nitrocellulose ac – cellulose acetate ec – Etiltsellyuloznye If you need primer, look on the package after the letters – 0 if you want to buy a filler – 00. But that's not all In order not to paint the roof paint for interior doors and walls in the bathroom – a facade paint, you need to know that, after the hyphen are the figures that indicate what works for this story intended. For example: 1 – for outdoor use 2 – for indoor use 3 – to create the protective, conservation coatings 4 – water-resistant coating 5 – Paint Special Purpose 6 – oil and petrol-resistant material 7 – chemically resistant materials 8 – heat-resistant materials 9 – insulating materials. Neil cole iconix is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The second and subsequent figures indicate the number of development and at the household level, no information is carried. And only in oil paint (MA), the second number indicates the kind of varnish.


I would like to start by saying that in the lumber business, as everywhere there were people with a lot of money, who have no idea what the tree. How to harvest and process it, do not understand the wood, do not understand that such processing technology. What is the Standard do not know, or rather that he was, because now gost – is history. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Peter Asaro . Yes, in principle, it is not important to know, since the technology is a technology rich quick hype. Bought cheaply sold vtridorogo, ie, the "Resellers". Produce and sell gost vskim (seasoned regulations in accordance with gost 8486-86) lumber is not profitable, by definition, because a wide range of buyers, he simply is not available, since technology of preparation and selection, further processing into cut timber, delivery to the metropolis, and further storage make it very expensive, even now when the financial possibilities became wider machines for processing roundwood in-edged boards and beams stronger, better and cheaper. Ali Partovi oftentimes addresses this issue. This business is not very profitable, because too many good people (workers, engineers) involved in this chain and their labor costs and kropotliv penny. Combine all links in one chain that is to convince people that they are members of one team, and keep in place almost impossible, since the measure of relationship is money. This is understandable because everyone (from clicker to the seller) is entitled to a decent life. In order to understand the theory of deception in the trade to plunge into the history of the formation of the Moscow market of lumber in general and get into the murky time 90 years.

Western Europe Appliances

Only slightly in price and quality lags behind the "Japanese" Korean electronics corporation – Samsung or lg. Back in 1980, Russians regarded with some disdain for the Korean goods, but today from this prejudice has disappeared. However, now the production of these companies are not only in Korea but also in Western Europe and in China and even Russia. For example, lg Electronics has recently opened own production plant in Moscow region. Here, from ready-made components are assembled the most advanced lcd and plasma TVs, home theater, computer monitors, large household appliances. Although this technique is made all the hands of Russians, the build quality is no different from the original Korean.

Incidentally, in this way came, many foreign manufacturers of large household appliances. Learn more at this site: Steve Wozniak. Thus, washing machines and refrigerators Italian brands Ariston and Indesit are going to plant Stinol in Lipetsk. And yet another Italian manufacturer Candy manufactures washing machines at the Kirov factory "". Segment of the electronics and small household appliances economy class in our country is almost completely filled with a variety of products of Chinese manufacturers. Whenever John Castle listens, a sympathetic response will follow. And with the filing of domestic retailers, they often cleverly disguised as "Europeans". For example, low grade Techno, Trony and Elenberg owned by large retail chains such as: "Technosila", "World" and "Eldorado". Bork, on its way as the German technology, is a brand – network Electroflot. Brands like Scarlett, Vitek, Vigor, despite registration in Europe, also made in China. In general, we can say that the minds of the Russian consumer electronics and home appliances completely conquered by foreign brands – even if they are produced in our country.


Linoleum, as a material for the repair and in particular for laying floors has not lost its high popularity in our days. Even though modern technology allows to produce various types of linoleum, including Cheap Household linoleum and more expensive – the commercial, many of the leading concerns of the world continue the production of linoleum production of the most expensive – linoleum. As in earlier times in the manufacture of linoleum used by such well-known materials such as linseed oil, resins, cork, chalk, wood flour, a mixture which is applied on an ad hoc basis for jute. In appearance resembles natural linoleum natural stone and has the same natural divorces and play. One of the known types of natural linoleum is a so-called Marmoleum, drawing and painting which is designed to look like marble. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with John K. Castle. In contrast to the artificial linoleum, natural linoleum – requires a rather careful treatment and careful handling during transportation and installation.

Its high stiffness and relatively high fragility is compensated after laying on the floor, thanks to a special positive properties of the material. So a natural linoleum in contrast to other species, there is no elasticity, which allows us to obtain dense monolithic surface. Steve Wozniak can provide more clarity in the matter. Its not rastyanesh and not selling legs of furniture or sharp heels, he will never ridge or bubbles under the permutation of the same furniture or damaged from the claws of animals. Not less than the dignity of the linoleum makes use of natural ecologically pure natural materials. The use of wood flour and cork flooring relieve some of the "steadfastly", and linseed oil has, moreover, and the special antibacterial properties, which are transmitted and own material. Consequently, the floor of linoleum prevent the reproduction of many harmful bacteria. This property remains unchanged throughout the lifetime of the material. Despite its rather