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Interesting Gift Idea

… Yesterday with the girls on the forum – once again burning issue "Soon the New Year, a man dreams, not to choose from and so on …." Yes, and you think that before the new year, discuss your career? No, these are the platitudes and debate. A more vexed questions – "What is the meet?", "What sign?", And of course, "Who are met?" … Well, no princes, and that's NO … What do I do? Life is very complicated, difficult, quite frankly, plenty of problems, but want to be both independent, and loved, and love.

To succeed in a career at least something, to have time to realize your innermost dreams and clear … And sometimes, to meet the same which he seems to like to look like … The attractive appearance, there is something to talk about, not boring, stupid and do not even want to not only talk, but just take the hand and walk, walk aimlessly and just keep quiet … It happens even to work intersects with that person, but here's how to tie dating?? The question of questions. For all its seeming emansipation – get lost and that's it.

But he, and surprisingly very similar to the dream, and like the friendly and attentive, but he is not in contact … It was then that vague hope on the horizon and looming New year, a holiday that marks the beginning of the new and beautiful. "That would celebrate together, to start" – say to yourself.


No, dear friends and ladies and gentlemen! I do not envy Vladimir Potanin, in spite of the fact that he was elected chairman of the Public Chamber of Russian Federation on issues of philanthropy, charity and volunteerism. It is not jealous. I even agree with some of his statements, such as this: “At the moment I am very worried that the attitude to philanthropy in our country – as a neighbor, who lent the money you have not gives … Neil Rubler understands that this is vital information. If we could do … more friendly attitude of society towards benefactors and patrons, it would be a good result the first stage of the Public Chamber. ” Moreover, as a lawyer, I would say that Indeed, in terms of existing laws in today’s Russia, Vladimir Potanin, and then can invite me to visit and George Michael and Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan (though he is not a singer, a basketball player, but five million will agree to lose the national team of the Public Chamber.) In general, all the same holidays have passed, and therefore will not be like the Americans, who in the newspaper The New York Times in an article very revealing title “Long winter holidays in Russia: binge drinking and extravagance “tediousness and moralizing,” These festivals inevitably led to an increase in the gap between rich and poor in Russia, which sometimes happens and so too outrageous.. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Neil Rubler.

Industrial Revolution

Nowadays, highly mechanized agriculture industry, but thousands of years people worked the land by hand or using the power of pets. With what started the history of agricultural technology? Of course, with plow. Plow, as you know, work the soil, turning the top layer of soil, he loosened the soil, removes it from the weeds, making soft. The first people to grow plants worked with his hands or with simple hoes, but it was is only possible in areas with very fertile soil. In places where the soil was not very good yields were low before the invention of the plow that allowed up to the surface more nutritious lower layers. It is assumed that the 6th millennium BC in the area between the first plows had already existed. They were arranged in an elementary way, in a wooden frame (beam) into a sharpened piece of wood (share) perpendicular to the earth. Plough did not change its long construction until the Romans perfected it, they invented the plow, which cast the land to the side and used a special knife to cut the ground before the ploughshare, which facilitated the plowing.

Plow for a long time was made of wood, sometimes with an iron blade. Only in 1730 was put completely iron plow. Since the Industrial Revolution began to make plows from steel. There were 2 or more plows plowshares, but to the appearance of tractors, many of plowshares were not used as a horse can not pull the plow more than one groove, with two only two horses cope, and with a five furrow horse is the limit. Greatly accelerated the emergence of plowing steam engines, gasoline even further ahead of them are not in power. Several steam-engine move could pull a plow and plowed a huge day for the incredible space. Now they use reversible plow, which is not leaves characteristic of the traditional plow ridges.