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It is sometimes said that a coach has left hand to direct a team referring to having certain ability to handle template of players especially in relation to the field staff, i.e. what covers the plot could be called as psychological terrain. As well, to make mention of the hand could refer to each of your five fingers represent the qualities the coach should possess to perform positively its address of computer work. 5 Paragraphs would be as follows: 1.-preparation: knowledge that has and its ability to increase them over time, always in continuous, enhanced learning, and above all to be updated. To read more click here: Andy Florance. We must banish the well-known phrase of that in football everything is invented, more characteristic of obsolete coaches and little dice to increase their knowledge either by laziness or for convenience, which often say things that not worth for nothing, when someone gives them to learn something new related to the work in What training or tactical innovations for parties. 2-Experience: said Cesar Luis Menotti, world champion in 1978 with the selection Argentina, that football is something empirical because it is fundamentally based on observation and experience and is a great truth, as part of the preparation and knowledge that the technician acquires throughout his career, the background acquired over the years will be important and the fruit of daily observation of the work in the training and development of parties will possess an arsenal of ever increasing information as you go through the time. Preparation + experience: efficiency. The sum of the two is what gives the coach its true dimension to be trained in their work and develop effectively. The coach with extensive knowledge and no experience of parties is not a full coach and the technical veteran with years of bench which limits their knowledge to what you learned in your first year of coach, is a coach limited by that turns its back on progress.

Seville Monte Triana

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Building Machinery Industry

The first half of the year, to respond to the complex economic situation building materials machinery industry took its efforts to accelerate the pace of industry restructuring. The industry has maintained a rapid development whole. It reveals the following characteristics: 1. Production and marketing of high-speed growth: Building material machinery industry in the first half had an increase of more than 30% of the total industrial output value and sales value. 2 Unequal development of the sub-sectors: Building materials machinery sub-sector, the rapid development in the first half of the concrete machinery products, has contributed to the rapid development of the industry. Wall materials machinery, ceramic machinery and stone machinery are still in a rather optimistic situation and situation is relatively good industry, cement and the glass machinery are face with downward pressure.

Some basic knowledge of cement grinding will be mentioned here. Cement grinding is not only the last process in the cement equipmentmanufacturing process but also the most power consumption process. Its main function is to grind cement clinker(gelling agent, performance) pipes tuning) to appropriate particle size (fineness, surface area), form a certain particle size distribution, increase the hydration area and accelerate the hydration rate to meet the requirements of cement slurry condensation and sclerosis. 3 Export delivery value of the sharp rebound: The first half of the year, enterprises increase to explore the international market, accelerate the pace of going out. The industry exports have resumed its growth, and export delivery value of year-on-year increase of 100%.

4 High receivables to be gain: From January to May, the industry trade receivables up to 10.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 45% increase compared to the same period last year increased by 8 percentage points. The pressure of building materials and machinery enterprise funds advance loan recovery difficult. In addition, the financial costs of rapid growth, 1-year-on-year increase of 20.1% in May, including interest expense year-on-year increase of 30.9%. Development vitality of stronger during the first half of the state-owned enterprises, state-owned holding enterprises in building material machinery industry output value up 67.2% year-on-year, showed strong development vitality.