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Disease Prevention

Impact of bed and massaging of Long Life on the human body. UDIVIDITELNYE RESULTS IMPACT massage beds LONG LIFE (LONG LIFE) on organisms The production of blood (red and white blood cells) in the body. Increased production of interferon in the body. It is important to prevent and eliminate inflammation. raise the contractile function of heart muscle, improves circulation, disappear peripheral swelling in the lower extremities.

All this prevents sclerosis of the arteries. normalizes the production of the hormone melatonin, the pineal gland. Melatonin prevents stress, cancer, heart disease and slows the aging process, and also strengthens the immune system. Improves the digestive system. Improves blood circulation in the affected area of the body and removes harmful substances, so that relieves pain. has a positive impact on growth and development of an organism, especially among children. To verify the results of the impact of the massage bed Long Life on your body you can in the showroom, the address of the hall on the site: PREVENTION OF DISEASES WITH BEDS Massager LONG LIFE (LONG LIFE) combination in a single product of different methods impact on the body allows you to make arrangements for effective prevention and recovery across a broad spectrum of diseases: musculoskeletal disease (spine); cardiovascular system; neurogenic and trophic disorders of vascular origin; peripheral nervous system (radiculitis); situational stress (nervous exhaustion); reduction of the overall resistance of the body in violation of the adaptive capacity to the factors of external influence, meteosensitivity; control of total body weight and selective effects on body fat, which contributes to weight loss; posture correction in adolescence and early adulthood.