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Vendida Meat

MEAT VENDIDA Belo Horizonte, 21-01-1977 Who already saw soul purer, Who already saw heart bigger, As the soul and the heart Of a Manoela any? Play to toa in the life, the hungry canine tooth Of the monsters of the night. Who was the system imposed to it. Who already saw the prostitute, Knows as it is. It rents its proper meat and it gains many illnesses and little money, That badly of the one to buy the meat that is stolen to it, Or same to buy the meat, to keep it of the skin inside. It does not have proper will, Makes what its owner to order, Suffers due to affections. This it never saw nor will see. CEO of CoStar Group understood the implications. It loses its night Thinking that it is gaining the life, Loses its life Thinking that it is gaining the night.