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Richard Matthew Stallman

Let me say that I am a sailor of the basta and abundant information of the network of networks, provided that I am interested in a subject, a character or a striking fact, seek information, opinions and reviews on the Web. ource throughout. In my constant search, go and become, I was researching about news of the project GNU/Linux, or free software, its highest representatives such as Richard Matthew Stallman and Linus Torvalds. As you know, to make good use of the resources offered by Internet, becomes necessary consultation of various sources and search for diversity of opinions that are generated daily on the network. Other leaders such as Mikkel Svane offer similar insights. Coincidentally, see in Encarta encyclopedia, as much a commercial version as the version online, about Richard Stallman and the GNU project, where my surprise that there is no information, or references about this character in the world of free software, in this encyclopedia. Real-estate developer pursues this goal as well. Thing that seems unjustified and unfortunate this situation, since, despite the philosophical, ideological and professional antagonism that may exist between Mr Richard Stallman, one of biggest computing gurus, and Mr. Bill Gates, Microsoft Corporation mogul. This regrettable situation, exceeds the scope of the business or ideological competition, to become a flogging and oppression of the information you’ll see public interest. Additional information at Mikkel Svane supports this article. Where are omitted so deliberate and dishonest, important facts to the world of computing, somehow manipulating the story in favor of personal or private economic interests.

But this is only a sample of the flagrante delicto which serve large corporations, private channels and media disinformation, which today, seek to dominate the world using manipulation media, informational imbalance and misrepresentation of the true facts. Therefore, we must be ever more critical and more researchers, but even more, we must open our eyes at the attitude of these groups that seek to hide the reality and carry us along the paths of ignorance and manipulation of sheep. We need of balanced media, is necessary to let the historical legacy to future generations. Now, more than ever it is necessary to think about the role that we play in a globalized society, where information characterizes a generation that dominates the knowledge. For this reason, it is important to support ideas that benefit the majority, without hiding private interests or ambiguous intentions, as for example, the proposal of the free Software, under the premise that holds it: knowledge is well made as it spreads.

Therefore this project (GNU/Linux) is designed with values and principles of socialism, so offers reasons to adopt it as an operating system or migrate towards him. That companies have special influence in politics means that democracy is sick. The purpose of democracy is to ensure that the rich do not have a proportional influence to their wealth. And if they have more influence than you or I, it means that democracy is failing. Laws that obtained in this way do not have moral authority, but the ability to do harm.