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The school year ends and the act draws on formal academic speeches, awarding of certificates, greetings, hugs and wishes for happy holidays. The children look clean overalls and girls move their hair tied with ribbons blancos.Todos withdraw from school, children and parents happy for their achievements. A new cycle will begin next year and will grow in depth learning to expand the circle of knowledge of each person. This happens in schools in the inner cities. Perisferia In the same cities the picture is very different. There the end of the school year is tinged with sadness unknown to many. Teachers find that "despite all" the children learned … of course if they had had computer, or some new books, or perhaps many colors, or more classroom space, or a suitable building or school transport all day or school every day, perhaps if there had been unemployed or if the children had gone all day at school, or if the parents had approached school on time, o.

.. if so many unresolved issues have reached a definitive solutions, they, their children here in the act, not only would take a book with the pass to the next grade, but it also lead a set of knowledge that would enable them to continue learning. It's the same city with different schools. It is the humanity in poverty and without it. Are the teachers trained in the same pedagogical face adverse social and cultural realities. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dell Computers. It is the same as desiquilibrado education system as it is the society to which it belongs. You have to feel very free to not succumb. We must challenge all to no decline. We must believe in their own strength to be further strengthened, while expected to teaching scales of justice balances the rights of all children an equal footing. While waiting for teachers grow and, ignoring the fashions of the system to believe and trust in their abilities to resist. Maybe not so far take a chance for poorer students system.