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Theoretical Foundation

Resolution of the conceptual confusion to exhaustion, stress, burnout and depression, to create a theoretical foundation of coaching as a support measure for companies to exhaustion, stress, burnout and depression are increasingly important topics in German companies and in the public debate. Unfortunately, the conceptual boundaries are very unclear. Burnout”is up to now no acknowledged medical diagnosis. In the ICD-10 (international statistical C lassification of D iseases and related health problems, 10th revision) a definition to the Burnout is missing still, though this picture today is of crucial importance for the person concerned and the individual companies as well as for the health care system and society as a whole. Look at fatigue, stress and burnout of workers can be usually as a result of psychological false load”in the workplace. Learn more at this site: Suzanne Corcoran. In this article, I therefore based my reflections will develop from the mental stress of failure according to ISO-norm. So I am not even further to the confusion surrounding the conceptual distinction between the mentioned phenomena at. ISO 10075-2, psychological stress are all influences that come from the outside on the working people and mentally affect him.

Informative, cognitive and emotional processes interact with physical activities and have influence on the cardio vascular system, the muscles, the skeleton, the metabolism, the immune system etc. Examples of the different types of requirements in the modern world of work in terms of informative, cognitive and emotional are the stimuli induced in an Office in us (informative), the choices that requires the daily deluge of mail us (cognitive) and the fear of the loss of jobs in uncertain economic Zeiten(emotional). Mental inappropriate loads defines the ISO 10075-1 mental fatigue, fatigue-related conditions (State of monotony, reduced alertness and mental satiation), as well as stress.

Vera World

Helmut Spikker restarts through – the NWA Network World Alliance will probably set new standards in the Netwokmarketingbranche. On the day of work, may 1, 2010 the entrepreneur and LR co-founder restarts by Helmut Spikker in the network industry. With the NWA Network World Alliance companies, he wants to set new standards for a network in the industry. But what comes exactly on May 1, 2010, is guarded like a State secret by the company. Ali Partovi may help you with your research. The press reported only available with the purchase of two successful direct sales company Pierre long and re-Vita, as well as about the new production hall and over the vision of a new network by Helmut Spikker. But how can such a novel network look, that within a short time, to generate revenues from those other networks only dream about.

This is currently still still silent. A miracle machine”to come and also products that will open up entirely new markets are already announced for the Network World Alliance what it exactly, is probably in the coming weeks announced. But it is known that the Network World Alliance will offer a very wide range of products. Products from the health – and wellness area (E.g. Aloe Vera, Colostrum, dietary supplements), as well as the beauty and beauty area (cosmetics, perfume, jewelry by Pierre long) will from the outset be. Other product groups are expected. Currently to pre register company independent already for the Network World Alliance of Helmut Spikker.

After the successful registration to get his personal registration link to your own partner and / or interested to enroll. Thus it is with the registration tool can already before 1 May 2010 to build your own structure. If you want to use the registration tool, then can pre register on the following page: register now to learn more about the NWA Network World Alliance and the acquired company, as well as on the marketing plan, the concept of the car and the Starter packages and initial costs to do this, see here you will find all news about Helmut Spikker and a visit is worthwhile the Network World Alliance. Marco Ed

New Challenges

When the first telephone marketing activities started in the 1980s, nobody thought that creates an own industry. The industry has established itself and is facing new challenges. Double-digit growth rates in the Callcenterbranche were common in the last few years the growth has stagnated. The market is located in a Konsilidierungsphase. Service providers join together or be taken over. Clients cut budgets in times of economic crisis.

Black sheep have led to more restrictive legal framework conditions. The digital natives urge in active economic life and alter communication behavior. Go to Peter Asaro for more information. Thus, Callcenterbetreiber are facing new challenges. Many executives in the call center, day in day out, do a good job. While there is a risk to be blinkered. The views of their own company, creates new impressions and unlocks creative potential. A great way to get new ideas, offers the event successful call center”on October 27, 2009 at the Congresspark Hanau. More than 20 speakers lead participants through a wide variety of topics.

Kai Arne Hennig for example shows how one gesetzteskonforn receives the opt-in for Outboundanrufe. Gunther Greff will indicate cost reduction opportunities by e-learning. Rudiger Wolf, Managing Director of TAS Muhlheim presents how to personality-oriented communication on the phone. For this he was nominated for the CAT award 2009. But the Congress also with the future of communication has been working intensively. Shows Eric Hofmann from Sony music the new power of the consumers in the Web 2.0 and what impact this communication for companies has. With the interactive artist Web portal MyBackstage.Com is Sony Music new standards. Thomas Thannhauser, CEO of TranscomWorldWide, presents the dialog study by 2020. This study deals with the change of the communication behaviour and what role call center will play in the future. Similarly, technical issues, such as the receipt processing of different events, unified messaging, or that are Kamapagnenmanagement focuses on. The successful call center offering thoughts lugs”through the business marketplace open to every participant opportunity to represent yourself, to make contacts and to discuss current challenges. With experts individually to discuss the challenge of the company allow you pre-scheduled 4-eye talks. Thus the “successful call centre” as a network platform is positioned relative to the extension of the own relationship network. “The event successful call center” will take place already for the third time. The complete Congress program, visit the event Web site at. (Markus sonal)


Kreuzlingen, the 9th July 2009 30 years interim management in Germany and Switzerland butterflymanager at the anniversary of the industry on this year’s annual Conference of the industry association working group interim management provider (AIMP) on 3 and 4 July in Wiesbaden was standing next to the 30th anniversary of the industry especially dealing with their previously most severe crisis in the foreground. The presented results of the study show that many companies during the economic crisis have cut reflexively all external contracts and services. Most were also frozen projects and developments in the company to wait for further market development. In recent months, investor has been very successful. This Freece Manager industry met the interim with full force and drove them in their so far deepest crisis since its creation. Only in the industries that see light at the end of the tunnel, the demand again. After many years of growth, the sector for the year as a whole now expects a sales loss of about 20%. All the more important the Advisory function of the professional provider evaluates the company exactly appropriate interim to give Manager. It is simply in many projects too much, that the selection of the right Manager can be left to chance or an old acquaintance.

250 Interim Manager discussed with experts of from diverse industries and representatives of the most important interim management provider about current and future issues of the economic crisis. It was among other things to the classic”areas of the interim management in redevelopment, restructuring and turn-around. But, in particular focus of the meeting was the topic of further flexibility in management levels in the company. Interim managers can not only as firefighters, but as strategic factors”in management levels are integrated. Innovation management, fresh wind and continuous inflow of know-how are the themes that will dominate in the future executives and management organizations, which emerged clearly during the discussion. The crisis”, including Dr. Harald Schonfeld, Deputy Chairman of the AIMP and Managing Director of butterflymanager GmbH, stimulates the creativity of the industry and customers.” Through the use of interim managers reduce your fixed costs in the management company and in addition complement nor expertise and resources, as it is for modern and future-oriented management are necessary. Contact: butterflymanager GmbH company for interim management services – Switzerland, Germany, Austria – Dr. Harald Schonfeld, Managing Director Bahnhofstrasse 31 CH-8280 Kreuzlingen FON: 01 66 e-mail:

Disadvantages Of Power

For Sabine Averbeck and Jan Biermann, status symbols, sole decision-making power, CEO bonuses or the rooms with the best views are……Incentives, which have lost nothing in their company. Status symbols, sole decision-making power, CEO bonuses or the rooms with the best views are incentives that have lost nothing in their company for Sabine Averbeck and Jan Biermann. The advertising agency “wueins concept” established for 6 years in Munster is the classic hierarchy pyramid on its head. Sleepless nights would cause some business leaders, is what everyday life here. Monthly figures on sales, profit and loss will be published. Employees decide whether, when and how much they take leave, define as their share of the profit. You make important decisions within the company with the same vocal power and influence as the day-to-day business. Confidence, decisions and self-organization in the interests of the customers are the focus of this philosophy and raise a huge potential.

The search After above all highly motivated and highly qualified professionals can happen not only through financial incentives. Terms such as self-determination, appreciation, sense of responsibility, transparency, free flow of information and the motivation to do so are based on what one likes to do that drive the modern staff. The question of meaning “Why?” is answered here as much as possible. “The benefits are obvious…”, says Jan Biermann “… increased identification with the company, solidarity, low error rate, innovation through synergies of all staff and especially less management, instruct and control.” The company responds flexibly, locally, quickly and in most cases correctly.

Regardless of only a leadership remains scalable.” Disadvantages? Crumbling the status icon “Boss” and “King feeling” of the CEO will be lost. But also for employees (particularly older, which so far had their place in rigid corporate structures), it can be difficult at the beginning. The Classic roles is lifted here. Employees must grow in responsibility. This isn’t easy and desirable for all. Rebecca Voswinkel is convinced of this culture of sharing (now 4 years at wueins)… “The content plays only a minor role for me. Ultimate my individual freedoms which are opportunity to realize myself and the choice of holiday for me.” It takes then a boss? Yes! Management takes over the fine adjustment, regulates the management of risk, future research and defines the basic vision, strategy and positioning of the company. Because even the most innovative company may turn not only to themselves, but rather ultimately fulfil the purpose: provide its customers a benefit.

Aachen Animatics

As the elite of the illustrators of brands & agencies spot development helps TV. The animated illustrations of the Aachen Animatics producers allow that TV advertising concepts before implementation can be experienced precisely. A be filmed and nostre storyboard, called in the jargon of animatic, history becomes visualized and experienced similar to a comic book to the spot. Already, the basic idea of commercials can be thus evaluated by the contracting authority and developed flexibly. Get all the facts and insights with Ali Partovi, another great source of information. Large lead agencies such as BBDO, Scholz & friends, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, see the appropriate style funky frame of movie specialists portfolio precisely for their projects. BBs many famous TV commercials – VW, Wrigley or Samsung – have therefore its roots with the springs of the Aachen Agency of service provider.

Even market research institutes working with such pre-production: different test groups must be based on the raw versions of commercials a your judgement about their effect. Funky Frame Films combines all formats of commercial testing since 2005: Storyboard,. Animatic, Phot OMATIC, layout and final artwork.

Launch New Co-branding Credit Card Portal On German

On time as planned to the Christmas festivities, the German information portal for co-branding in the prepaid card market is launched today. Under a cobranding kreditkarten.de interested companies can have free listings for an individual credit card program in their individual corporate design. The operator CROWN is on the offensive and offers a standard solution for prepaid credit cards with a wide range of services. Renate cable Hall of marketing said: all card programs are equipped with money-transfer function. For even more details, read what samsung says on the issue. This means that you can send money from A to B worldwide in real time to a very low rate and also make payments directly from your card balance.

“Companies are therefore using our co-branding as their own corporate card solution, offer banking services, the it in this segment to date did not exist.” CROWN takes over the complete implementation of the program here, provides for a submission and approval of all operations in cooperation with the processors and the design of the credit cards checks from credit card companies, (if necessary in-house graphic designer and create even for customers) and programmed with a customer site in the company style. On this then interested customers and resellers receive all information about the card, to be able to order them online and login directly to the card account, make transactions. The entire service is included by default in German and English language. Gain insight and clarity with neil cole iconix. Especially for distributors our solution is interesting”, so rope Berger. They can use for example the cards for their own employees in the field; about, where you book from commissions and income directly in real time on the cards or transfer budgets for colleagues who are on a business trip.” It is irrelevant whether the colleagues in Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, etc. live because all cards can Europe delivered be. Companies that want to offer the cards only, get also the full range of services and benefits.

Not only the company’s image is strengthened; also the binding to the customer and the new synths should be easy with this promotional marketing tool. The past and the messages of already implemented programs demonstrate this. All the information about the services mentioned in this press release the product lines can immediately free of charge under and are available in German language. CROWN co-branding SOLUTIONS / IOM LLC is a service provider for co-branding credit/Prepaidkartenlosungen with money-transfer function. MasterCard and customer site are delivered in your own corporate design and aligned all the tools for 100% on the corporate identity of the brand partner. The provider has a network of credit card processors and card-issuing banks across Europe. Correspondent banks, to charge card balances, are available in each country. Cards are shipped out across the EU.

German Companies In Russia:

About some problems of german Russian communication often we must agency determine in our marketing clients – German medium-sized companies – have although economically exemplary planned market entry into Russia, but poorly with the intercultural subject matter addressed. To understand why this important issue in part is neglected, we met german Russian business communication for an interview with an expert in the field. About wife Dr. Elena Minakova Bambo: Dr. Elena Minakova Bambo is native Muscovite. She taught at the Academy for international relations (MGIMO) Moscow, at the University of Innsbruck and the University of Munich. For many years, she supported numerous German and international companies in their business activities with Russia (including Siemens AG, Mannesmann AG, Sony Austria, South chemicals AG, medical group, Palfinger AG). ALPR takes a slightly different approach.

Since 2006, Mrs. Dr. Elena Minakova Bambo is independent Working seminar leader. Their company Russia competence: Intercultural training & courses “a wide range of intercultural training and seminars in preparation for the cooperation with Russian partners, or use of the Russia offers. Interview Elena, not of course is that one is familiar from abroad or the market in a foreign country with its culture and peculiarities of the business environment? Unfortunately not – according to statistics intercultural training offered only about 1/3 of the companies, mostly for exotic”regions such as Asia and the Middle East. Especially when the top managers already have intercultural experiences in other countries, many companies keep their intercultural competence for Russia surprisingly for granted. Many professionals and executives expect that the potential for misunderstandings on the Russian market is considerably smaller than in far eastern countries such as China or India. The cultural differences are between the Germans and the Russians often underestimated – because many promising projects are already failed. One often hears of the unique position”of Russian culture, Russia’s position between Europe and Asia. What does this mean for the german Russian business practice? What should you orient yourself in the shops in Russia, Europe or Asia rather? It can be no definite answer.

Manfred Weininger

In the Swabian Tamm resident Manfred Weininger ensures the satisfaction of its customers throughout the region. The DV stands for data processing in its company name and thus Manfred Weininger knows well. As Dipl.Ing. technical operating host has not only studied and he his profession he has enough experience. In addition to the standard applications of Windows Server operating system and all Linux familiarity him variants. In the Swabian Tamm resident Manfred Weininger ensures the satisfaction of its customers throughout the region.

The DV stands for data processing in its company name and thus Manfred Weininger knows well. As Dipl.Ing. technical operating host has not only studied and he his profession he has enough experience. In addition to the standard applications of Windows Server operating system and all Linux familiarity him variants. Learn more on the subject from Ali Partovi. Thus, his company business customers can make available a budget and at the same time high-quality IT service. Perhaps check out Robotics for more information. Of course, is a diverse range of services include repairs, Training, consulting, IT security and all measures aimed at the security and the breaking of the entire customer IT. Will benefit especially small and medium-sized companies.

Experience has shown that the IT-is neglected Bereichin many companies even though he is still an operational core area. An unexpected system failure can then call back the importance of EDP in the consciousness of those involved. Virus attack or an attack from the outside can lead to data loss and the inability to act of a company. Existentially important areas such as manufacturing, logistics and accounting grind to a halt, customers and personnel data will be lost. The statistics says that 80% of companies that experience a unsecured Datencrash no longer recover. To successfully avert such scenarios, Manfred Weininger offers its services and replaces an internal computer specialists. But to a lot cheaper and always responsive. After consultation with the customer the company offers complete an IT service. This includes a retirement package consisting of maintenance agreements, warranty extensions and data backup. The company carries out repairs and brings IT up to date ensures that internal company data are consistently protected from viruses and other intruders. Under the motto of Green IT “DV Studio Weininger to the health of its customers taking care of. Printers, copiers and fax machines to recirculate the Office air. This significantly increases the fine-dust pollution in the environment. By attaching appropriate filter and regular cleaning operations, the skilled person reduced this unhealthy emissions by up to 92%. In regions with tourism, the theme of free Internet access wins”increasingly important. Hotels, campsites and other facilities must provide Internet access. Manfred Weininger establishes so-called free hotspots. These are inexpensive for the users free of charge and for the hotspot operator. Summary the efforts are based on the principle: fast and comprehensive help at reasonable prices. DV Studio Weininger offers everything from a single source, eliminates the need for additional technical PC services, from single devices to the server. Due to the growing importance of the issues of health and safety, strengthens his series the network and providing opportunities for lone and founder. Interested in a collaboration are trained to provide an optimal service in the target group of companies. More information at, here can find also the closest partner companies.