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Glycemic Index

If you probably do not know the index glucmico foods you are eating to get fat. You will not be able to lower of weight of a natural form and you will never reach the body that you wish. If you know the index glucmico foods then always you will have the election to eat to lower of weight, including in the food restaurants scrap iron. Of a slow but safe form, you will reach your ideal weight. The glucmico index (or glicmico) of foods indicates the speed to you in that the glucose of the carbohydrates is absorbed that you eat. This means, that if you eat something with high a glucmico index, then the level of glucusa of your blood will increase quickly. The high glucose levels in the blood cause a high insulin level. The high insulin level drastically increases the risk of diseases that you can suffer, like the cardiac diseases, the diabetes, the high pressure, the respiratory arthritis, cancer, problems, the cerebrovascular accidents, the impotence, etc.

If you eat foods with an index low, then glucmico the glucose levels and insulin of your blood will be optimal by the following hours. You will enjoy more energy and mental concentration and you will even be burning greasy if you have overweight. There am a food list here that you can use easily for guiarte: Glucmico index under: chick-peas, beans, beans, lentils, artichokes, broccoli, cauliflower. lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, tomatos, onion, cherries, plums, raspberries, kiwi, lemons, mandarins, oranges, nectarine, pineapple, watermelon, grapes. Glucmico index half: spinach, turnips, leeks.

bare tomatos, radishes, oats, sponge cakes, chocolate, ice cream, treats High glucmico index: Pumpkin, maize, potatoes, remolocha, carrot, chestnuts, plums, handle, raisins, banana, white rice, integral rice, flour, bread, graze, toasts, sugar, jam, honey, beer, juice, came, fruit juices. In this article you have learned what is the glucmico index of foods and why it is important. Also you have already a fast guide to begin to eat with more care. Revisala occasionally for asegurarte of which you are eating to lower of weight and to be healthful and does not stop to fatten and to increase the probability of diseases that you can suffer. If you really wish to lower of weight, you will need that a list glucmico index much more. You will need a complete system that guides to lower to you step by step of weight naturally and has worked time and time again for thousands of people. I have learned east system of the following Link: Click Here! Once again, I reiterate to you that you do not let yourself scare by its a little exaggerated marketing. In my opinion this system is worth each cent that you invest in, since it is based on scientific studies and really that will give the results that delays. In addition you do not run any risk because if you are not satisfied with its product, they will give back your money to you without questions some.