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Palaeolithic Diet

Cavemen also sat on a diet, but in contrast to "invent" paleo-diet is a natural for the body. Our prehistoric ancestors ate in accordance with the genetic program – just depending on it the body is ready to adopt one or the food, while another simply said he was an alien. The attractiveness of the diet is that it is familiar and easy. In the power system of ancient hunters open road for poultry, fish, beef, and as byproducts. Fruits, root vegetables, eggs, most nuts – are excluded only cashews and peanuts – are permitted for food. But on the conventional products of the grain will have to forget – pasta, bread, potatoes, sugar, salt, beans Culture and dairy products in the diet for the body are strangers. Accordingly, their assimilation brings a little good. As in any proper system of power sharply restrict itself is not necessary – for the body deprivation abundant source of carbohydrates is important to stress, and then gradually move to the new regime. If you would like to know more then you should visit Sandra Akmansoy.

Spend more than a day out to first adjust their breakfast, then lunch and in the end, and dinner – is "Drop down" the update will be most appropriate for your dietary habits. There are, of course, need for day three. Given that any system of power is strictly an individual you need to carefully watch how your body feels the new regime. At the same time conduct educational program to find out for themselves the impact of hormones, vitamins, minerals and nutrients for your health. Back in 1975 at the Gastroenterology Walter Vogtlina experiment was formulated a theory of life-giving power of the diet of ancient people.

Nowadays, people are fed so that a large number of diseases has become simply a habit, and diet of our ancestors has the potential to normalize the balance in the body. Diseases of the digestive system, he tried to treat with different diets and the best results he has achieved this by using conventional and natural mechanisms of power. While not excluding the meat, which the ancient hunters only welcomed, but, like other gifts of nature – fruits, berries, nuts, a variety of roots. When we were from Coca-Cola was separated Goals people drank the dew and pure water sources. Gradually, people began to only complicate the supply system and this only hurt our bodies and got tons of extra pounds. Scourge of our times have become man- products – sugar, acids, dyes and preservatives make the nutrients in food is simply unaffordable, and the body becomes clogged. If you eat fruit, roots and meat, the body can regain balance to restore his strength and, according to nutritionists, to cope with diseases of the cardiovascular system, eyes, skin, diabetes and even multiple sclerosis!