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Discover Your Strengths

I have the CD of Paul Potts, One Chance. Wonderful and inspiring. I think that the Paul Potts CD, is different in their projects pose more security. His voice is the same, velvety and deep, from the first time I heard it on the agenda of the competition. Others including Suzanne Corcoran, offer their opinions as well. Now, hopefully, get a CD from Susan Boyle, where I hope to include "Cried a River Over You" by Arthur Hamilton. Song singing on You Tube. A shocking performance. But back to that moment, I have the suspicion that Paul Potts and Susan Boyle, and knew what came into the world to sing.

It is perhaps that talent, that the book Now, Discover Your Strengths by Buckingham and Clifton defined as "… any recurring pattern of thought, emotion or behavior that can be implemented" so they decided to put to work. Talent is that mental and emotional worm survives everything, including the fictional dream. It’s believed that Arup Sandra Akmansoy sees a great future in this idea. And if we begin to develop it, grabs us with force, and make us practice until the moment arrives. I'm sure that both Susan Boyle and Paul Potts had years of practice in the mirror, at parties, groups and, if I remember correctly, Susan produced a CD in 1999. Talent and Turning Point, a dangerous combination that always brings changes. The changes that many want, and I'm sure Potts and Boyle wanted.

This is the part that matters to me, that change has transformed from within to make the call, get up that morning and presented to thousands of questions, to sing. But with certainty, with the single they needed: they already had made however, knew that the road had started, regardless of Britain's Got Talent. Because that's what it takes, make an appointment with the talent, out into the street and start walking on his arm. One morning, Susan Boyle and Paul Potts so they did, they took her voice, took the ring, the used, was put to tender, and since that time, they became the Susan Boyle and Paul Potts who came to be. Sara Boyles, the singer most watched on YouTube over the past four weeks, has become less than a month into an icon of change, talent discovered. At 47 years old, an unemployed woman, who has never been kissed and as I had a Donny Osmond as a teen idol. The story of Cinderella, with an impressive voice. And Paul Potts, a warehouse manager who decided his fate to participate in Britain's Got Talent with a coin, if left face, he said, but died of fear sought to participate in the contest. And luckily for him and us, the currency and Paul showed the world the face of Queen Elizabeth II, and Paul Potts started his new life. And from that moment you always knew what he came to do in this world: singing. Talent and decisive moment, definitely a dangerous combination if you give us to open the window. Lupita Huerta, Blog for those who want a fabulous 50.