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A Guestbook for Your Website

In private as well as in commercial Web sites, it makes sense to offer users the opportunity to provide feedback. Especially popular are so-called guestbook server, where webmasters can create your own free guestbook. Pete Cashmore pursues this goal as well. Experienced Webmasters can also install an own guestbook for the website, the web can find a variety of free scripts mostly on PHP / MySQL based. In the search for a suitable guestbook for the website does provide, among other things, the question is what technology is used.

Roughly, a distinction between Flash and HTML technology.

If you want to install or can not have its own script, you should take a professional manufacturer in Guestbook claim. One should pay particular attention to the list of functions, vital functions such as anti-spam protection, release of records by email, Captchas and Bad word filters are an absolute obligation – without these useful helpers is your scrapbook in no time otherwise victims of spam and many other unwanted items. The next point is the design and adapting. Your guestbook is completely adapted to the site layout?

CSS will support the design and color? Can integrate your own pictures? And especially important in a guestbook for free: Can embed the guestbook easy and simple? Once you have found a suitable provider to the claims, one can make with the integration of the first entry in your own guest book. Now decide whether you have the settings correct, whether the layout is correct and whether the guest book fully integrated and seamlessly into your existing website. If it works, we may themselves a pat on the shoulder, the first step towards interactive website is done.