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Holistic Perspective

The holistic perspective is the recognition that all life on this planet is connected to each other in countless ways, deep and subtle. Holistic education emphasizes the challenge of creating a sustainable society, just and peaceful harmony with the Earth and its life forms. It involves environmental awareness, both deep respect for indigenous cultures as modern as well as by the diversity of life forms on earth. All these books I've read from Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava I found very interesting because I have been putting tremendous growth in my daily life, because with this overview we just had on the work of Dr.

Ramon Gallegos because we realize that this growing movement takes more strength, as this new paradigm is penetrating every aspect of our lives, the paramount need of humanity is now focused on its rediscovery, in order to meet with him in any return to nature, the universe, the kosmos, but we know they will not succeed if we do not ourselves which I thank Dr. Ramon Gallegos all this learning I have acquired through their beautiful books as this is the moment of power apply because it is time to transform education to meet these challenges and human environment and of course grow as a whole spiritual human being. Bibliography: Ramon Gallegos Nava, "Dialogues holistic. Education I holistic and perennial philosophy." Second Edition. – 2004. Guadalajara.

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