Technical Success

On each occasion in which I meet colleagues, professionals, traders and of itself with people who daily interact with society offering its products and services, reconfirmo have always the same question: what is the best technique to sell? The market knowledge and professional experience lead me to determine that if there is a technique that guarantees success in sales and at the same time helps us to gain the loyalty of the customer, this technique is the famous A.I.D.A, an acronym that means: attention, interest, desire and action. This technique was originated in the 1950s from when sales have been considered as a profession and initiated various training programmes in sales; It describes the basic process by means of which people are motivated by stimuli that lead to successful sales. Now let’s look at how we can use each of these connectors or drivers, the technique’s success, A.I.D.A: attention only have between 1 and 5 seconds to call the attention, either by phone or face-to-face visit, time in which the other person is the first impression of you, where what counts is the personal image and personal marketing. Despite the time pressure, occur in a natural and relaxed way, wait to tell him no thanks and remember each other, puts it closer to SI. Interest should remember that we only have between 5 and 15 seconds to create some interest, since it is necessary to say or show something interesting and provide clear advantages and tangible benefits for the customer, the person you are contacting must have an actual or potential for your product or service need (which implies that it must have existed a proper job of prospecting). Let us not forget that we must develop the skill necessary to develop empathy (put in the shoes of the client) to understand the client, its situation and needs. I wish for awakening the desire, the seller must have the ability to interpret the situation of the client, its priorities and constraints, to through questions and answers very empathic; You must master the technique of questions.

It must build trust and establish sympathy and identified (Chemistry) with the prospect or customer, to gain credibility on what is offered. The key is to demonstrate how you, your product and your organization are reliable and respond to a real need of the potential customer, with appropriate solutions, even in terms of the conditions of sale (form of payment, delivery, etc.). Action is, simply, convert the potential customer on real client, and is simply the desire to take action, to get the order, the signature of the order, at the close of business. By inertia or naturally closing does not reach, must induce him; action or closure is to have the ability to capture the moment and raise it with naturalness and promote the agreement for the next step, whatever that might be. Of course, if the first three steps have been successful, easier it is reaching the closure or the action. In other words, if the sale It has been well conducted, the prospect will come to the action without major controversy. Any combination of factors: styles, personalities and behaviors, will allow seller to establish the most appropriate A.I.D.A to tackle it and sell it.