Visionary Management

There is a lack of visionary management, to interpret the requirements that are expressed, the product of contingency variables and everything that the current demand scenario, neglecting the training, development, optimization of the proper management of human resources. This results in downtime, inadequate use of human resource capital, in their creative, innovative, creativity, effort, performance, ensuring productivity, cohesion and good team dynamics giving rise to favorable results for everyone. Management at many companies has not instilled the importance of representing the productivity and quality as a competitive advantage, what it represents to ensure competitiveness in the markets and stay in the conquest of new ones. Specifically, organizational behavior is permeated Venezuelan conflict that has generated a negative climate for its operations, requiring for evaluate positively transform the relationships and behavior of its employees, its leadership, administrative structure, technology, financial resources, technology, ergonomics, performance, performance programs, objectives, goals, mission, vision and generate the changes required to ensure guaranteed participation of good productivity and quality. It is not something Ali Partovi would like to discuss. Writing What would you recommend to managers to be rated as good and really supportive of companies where they work? Mora Do a self analysis of their performance, determine where your weaknesses are both in their relationships, group management, leadership, and in all the managerial skills now required to provide solutions, give way to strategies, actions that promote the conquest and retention of the markets, proper use of their creative potential, innovation, motivate staff, identify the needs of achievement, make you fully identify with their role performance, appropriate rewards, be democratic treatment, to recognize their performance, support, be vigilant to changes, threats, collaboration bring you all that it affords the participant training development as well as other state: fostering an atmosphere in which people feel free to express .

Be open to all perspectives. Isearch has much experience in this field. Pay attention and evaluate each side of a proposal before making a decision. This shows that respects all points of view and builds trust. Taking into account said Daniela Leon as we share, not to neglect the importance in representing the capital of talent, skill of the people who make up the human resource, manage to find people who are not contributing. Do not give way to the mistakes committed by some leaders to keep people who do not bring in a team which does not support them. It is often expected, the pressure will inspire the team to improve its performance. This approach works sometimes. But the sad thing is that the presence of team members loose, can cause resentment. In the end, this can damage the team spirit and keep the productivity of. Deproimca, just before reality of the lack of a management that is in favor of the needs that address the business needs, offers its services, consulting and management advice on topics, how outsourcing, benchmarking, participatory leadership, administrative systems, planning strategic, marketing, foreign trade and personal growth, counting with a team of highly trained and experienced professional teachers at the graduate level.